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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle White Light 1
Post Content
I see so many attempting to whitewash and airbrush things out of sight in the rush to move on
and move into the dark fantasy land that lies in wait .. the turning of doom wheels
by manipulating the spokes
& the gullible folk
caught in the yolk, but not privvy to the loopy the lupe cosmic joke

Enough of these Satanic/Luciferian puppet minions and their games.


You don't get to move or go anywhere .."".. until questions are satisfactorily answered
and 'aired'
& people are introduced


So many questions .. so where should we start.
How about ....

???There is the question of why (as if we didn't know)??? ...

Benjamin Netanyahu was at the scene of the crime of BOTH 9/11
and London 7/7 - as was Knight of Malta man Rudolph (the red knows) Juliani.
In the US and UK for 'meetings' at that oh so specific 'time' of reference
No conicidences there.
Netanyahu said post 9/11 that it was a good thing to have
happened for Israel (for obvious reasons ..see jewbilant dancing Israelis..in Seecret Satanic Service)
Global lockdown the motive and the excuse to implement the vital technology and forces
to keep Humanity enslaved within this false parasitic dark realm where gods aint gods
at all
or even much
looking at the Dogstar in hind sight
most Siriusly
spelled backwards and back-words
DogStar = Ratsgod
= Red Shield tribe anyone.
Drakonian factions and fractions.
So you say why did the Bauers and other Khazarian hicks choose the name 'Rothschild' anyway
simply a child of wrath (implying a biblical god of wrath and chosen child connection) or more pointed than that ...
Rots = reds
Children of reds - of rats (and the connotations of plagues upon humanity ...hmmm as you were saying prince Phil hmmm)
/of rats and men/ (who said mice and men)
and rats be not so very meek

Their satanic technological red shield
around this realm of reference
to with-hold information from EXTernals
to with-hold RE-CONNECTION

TO control and provide the shield
to shield the SACRED knowledge
from Self

To with-hold all Sacred knowledge
of the Primary Forces in This Realm
and their True Connections

In other words
the pompous puppets used to ENABLE
the furtherence .. continuance
of the Drakonian
Ouroboros = our O Bore Us.
Over and over again until death do us part (the bit part in the play being only a fractional
fractal part of the bigger picture)
to part ways and forget
the planet of eternal sorrows
and yet .. recycle
again and again
ad nauseum...

ALL this careful planning and control work of war and death (no such thing as war and 'peace' - a fiction,
a peace offering and 'inside' joke)
...all done...
lest anyone remembers who and what and where they really are
at this specific 'time' .. 'point' in reference.

but back to specifics >
Rudy Juliani was being interviewed on BBC shortly after the London bombings (same day)
and managed to get his full plug in for future war mongering disguised as
being patriotic or supportive of the British People and there struggle against a 'common' (bogeyman) foe.
He had also just received or was about to receive a Knighthood or some other balony
award from queen Elizabeth 2nd. No doubt for services rendered to the black ignoble Knights of Malta
-or the Council of 300 - Club of Rome etc.
One big happy camp.

Oh yes Jooliani - the same clown that was baying for Obama to resign hmmm ...
hmmm yes indeedy

Security at the airports (re 9/11 2001) was handled by Israeli firms - ex-Mossad no doubt and all planted on
specific soil for specific PURPOSE,
as was the Israeli security in the underground system of London (re 7/7 -July 7 2005).
Israeli's basically caught red-handed with their N.W.O stooge war-mongering Net-a-N*Y*ooHoo
tool lurking wherever death was occuring or about to ..as he has been doing lately - openly letting the guard down
in desperation to achieve the dark ends .. at any cost.

Big mouthed and pork bellied Ariel Sharon proceeds to unguardedly make a public statement that Israel (red-shield Zionists)
control America. And that folks, is why he was whacked. Loose lips ..
.. sink ships you say?
yet it is faaar farsi farcicaly too late for ye olde Titanic to SSET SSail
& so Far & Beyond Ye RubiCon
To No Avail /A Veil?/
A Fail
..let alone some piss little NeoCon gangsta's and their demondoomology.

So a fake endless war agaist Terra is instigated with Zionist chosen people of G-d
standing safely in the background while puppet leaders of UK USA and various
Arab organisations do the job of escalating tensions between Christians and Muslims.
The very plan that the N>W>O> Rothschild klowns had been manipulating all along the Watchtower,
when they started 'allowing' ...rather directing traffic of massive immigration of Arabic and islamic (or non-European
non-Christian) people into Europe - mostly targetting Britain and the USA, where they re-settle trojan populations
deep within the heart of the target area prompting and promoting the emigration of those disgruntled USA/UK/European
citizens to other Fluoride 'capture' areas such as Australia and New Zealand - more of the Germanic Windsors control
territory (or so they claim), .. effectively neutralizing the very ones within target nations that would be problematic
and vocal enough to protest the Orwellian Drakonian Rothschildian free-for-all-immigration tactics and divisional procedures
- - legislated through Brussels - the EU Beast - main Neuw Whore'ld Ode 'r control point other than the usual suspects.

Divide and Conquer of the people of nations that were far too unified and strong
to conquer from without. It had to be from within.
Primary goal was to remove national identity and make the nationals - Beings - Sovereigns - with a voice vocal enough to
enable Drakonian entrapment and imprisonment, or targetted killing through silent means (such as this thread's subject matter)
This has occurred in many nations, including the Scandinavian countries that have the same genetic roots that threaten
the Zionist Reptilian agenda for total domination.

That is what you saw in the Dark Ritualistic Olympic Games Ceremony where they promoted Multi-culturism (another bogus ism)
in your face. basically saying that mixed race was the new future - hammered into the heads of the youth daily at school and on televi-SION.
A new race of humans genetically modified and mixed up and out so that they hold no particular roots or allegiance as their own or even real
nationalistic pride - not the fake olympic game variety that was part of a mass eXcersize in mind control -HAARP-CERN- stylee.

The used various techniques such as the BNP party in the UK to marginalize and isolate people with any real pride in their heritage/family tree.
They want anyone that truly remembers how things were just decades ago before the divide and conquer tactics were employed on such a mass scale,
to be made to feel ashamed or embarrased to say that things were better back then or how they have been having their national identies eaten away,
like a vius that is ever encroaching on them, making them feel as if THEY are the odd ones in the crowd, with familiar and cherished places and ideas
removed or replaced by that which they are told is bigger and better and faster and younger and sexier and blah blah-er.
Isolate the Target.

BUT WE SEE YOU PARASITES FOR WHAT YOU ARE - the hands in the gloves - the puppeteers - controllers -
Not the people that have been used in these divisionary tactics or those that are of mixed bloodlines and races.
That is not the point. The Soul - Consciousness driving them have been black/white/Asian and everything else that has ever been
upon this planet .. many times over. It is the superficial aspect that is the problem and those that identify too strongly with
their outer appearance.
They are the ones being used in these campaigns of social and political war.
The ones that blindly follow trends and fashions and peer pressure .. AND RELIGION .. Which is rather a lot unfortunately - in the sense of blind subservience to
that which is largely unknown/unseen/unproven. This is the reason the dark powers got this far with the pograms. The 'blind' aspect -in the dark.
Blind leading the blind so to speak.

But now it is enough.

The old world nations gradually waking up to the mass poisoning, medication and mind control around them would eventually (as in now) appear as
a united front of like-minded beings that could form a resistance against the imposed new world one world order dominance
that would be unstoppable through sheer number and deter-mi-NATION. That is what they have been doing since the Rothschild mafia funded WW2 Hitler debacle
that was about taking over and merging countries into a whirlpool - a multi-kultcha stew - where the INDIVIDUAL would be forgotten as would the roots of
the individual, kinda like the new age crowds insistance on removing the ego without understanding what it actually is.
It simply makes it easier for them to control you. Look at the sixties flower power peace generation - they were part of a test group using controlled
science-lab substances to create the perfect drugs for controlling the masses. Submission.
You get it now of course.

They were testing things out long before that of course (of course only talking about the last 100 years or so -even less) - look at the fluoride used by
the Nazis in their prison camps - to make people docile and compliant - easy to handle, with the side effect of destroying your brain and
calcifying the awakening of the flower of life. Limiting the Chi - The Lifeforce Energy -
Blocking Flow Potentials. 'Modern day' afflictions and created 'diseases' such as A.I.D.S. and other immune deficiency
problems, and alzheimers - dementia and other memory related problems - all ongoing from those same 'scientific'
experiments of the past. Just as agent orange and other chemical/viral aerial spraying of populations - both civilian (unknowingly used as test subjects)
and in so called war zones like Vietnam (used as weapons of destruction) = = = ongoing up to the modern day phenomenon of chemtrails which is multi-functional
and run by the same gang of criminals that hide behind fancy titles and names such as the UN, NATO, Worl Hell'th Organisation,
using the many bases that have been built around the world in the name of protecting the global peace and democracy.

But back to the ever now present multi-cultural meme : : :
Multi-cultural mixing to the point of where the children of white or black or whatever genetic origin parent ... starts to view their own parent
and grandparent (heritage) as RACIST and wrong in their beliefs and culture.
Those same youths would be thoroughly brainwashed by the latest techiques and robotoid technologies all long in place, and would be
ready to be the new political leaders/armies and puppets of the future where COMPLIANCE is the rule of the day.
A homogenous society where there are no tall poppies or out the box thinkers. Hooked up and reliant on computers and technology
in order to function within a hive-mind maze. You can see the origins of this especially in the last 15 years taking shape like wildfire.
Is that an android in your pocket or are you just mildly ambivolous to see me.

The so -called Muzzie threat and Divide and Conquer tactics orchestrated by the Zionist Neo-Kons ...and various
underground and shady organisations like 'Friends of Israel' government/house of 'lords' operatives in the UK and the
usual AIPAC ADL organisations that have fully permeated American society like a cancer, providing the forceful lobbying
in government .. forceful manipulation, threats and assassination ala global mafia war machines.
Actually look at most of the leadership a little closer and you will find that they are
all associated with certain bloodlines - that are labelled J-o0o-ish, although
they have changed theit names to provide a (defamation nation) cover from which to infiltrate the world. Sadly there are so many J-u-ew-wish
people out there that have bought or been sold into the brainwashing program and think of themselves as part of the 'chosen' as if there really was such a
thing beyond the MASSive divisionary mindfunk that it is, and they do not see them selves as disposable - as they view others outside their tainted tinted
lens of disTORtionality.

The very essence of faked religions and the Soul Power that is harnessed by it.

Look at Queen Liz and her crowd .. and then look at David Cameron - a not so distant cousin of the Queen - as is George Bush Snr.
Notice the Israeli or Khazarian features, and yet Cameron is supposedly Scottish. the Bush klan is Germanic as is the Queens fake Windsor named lot
so how in hades did they all become So very Scott-ISH (on paper at least). Surely not that dreaded obfuscate word.
Obfuscating on thin eyes.
Look at all those Romanesque noses in profile. Some of those judges and m'lords and m'ladyshits of olde had quite the beaks on them
Very vulture-like you could say. Vulture Culture as Alan Parsons Project would say. The Eye in the Sky. Etc....

But that doesn't mean I'm talkin' about you lurkin' in the back there Moshe .. not so silently seething ...
The Rothschilds created Israel through their paid puppets like 'lord' Balfour .. and a few others .. we know that ..
but that doesn't make every Israeli citizen or J-eeeww-wishing persona be part of the problem or part of the bloodline.
Most are entirely disposable, and were intended to be sacrificed in a WW#3 scenario as the clowns at the top of the pyre amid would admit.
If they would only admit anything.
No admittance is their favorite signpost I would haZZard a gueSS.
A most EX Klue Sieve KKKLUB.

Many Scots are actually 'El-ite' bloodline chosen people of G-d that came in the back door so to speak and
are running the UK in plain site (as with the USA). I am not talking about the scattered tribes of Israel balony either as most of that
fake history stuff is like Donald.>>>
All Trumped up. (I don't mean the duck of course .. .. or do I)

Cameron, Blair, Brown and a whole long list of members of British government
are ALL 'Scottish' ish (as in Khazar ish fanboyz) - including the recent UK Minister of Defense Liam Fox, who was caught
red-handed again taking orders from some dodgy Israeli figures DIRECTLY manipulating foreign military affairs.
He only lost his job because he was found out inadverently. I am sure Cameron knew. It went on all the time before in prior
governments, and still does. Shadow people which are not UK citizens or of British heritage are making all the decisions in plain sight
if you look closely enough.

People like that snake Peter Mandelson (another Zionist J-o0o) and close friend
of the Red Shield ROTschilds, basically used to call in the orders of the day to the British government from his mobile
while holdaying on a Rothschild boat or house party. This knowledge is documented in plain sight for all to see and yet they
say nothing.
And have you noticed how very much Jacob Rothschild looks like the Windsors and other so called 'English'/'Scottish' 'elite'
Same bloodline. A very very closely knit bloodline.
tribes - SOVEREIGN BEINGS - that were here long, long, long, long before the RoyAls
- the Red-Owls - (Roy-als)
ARRIVED and KING'D everyone.
Taxing your very Soul. To the depths.

Lady Diana was used as a breeder for the Windsors and then discarded - i.e. killed by the 'royal' interests because of her
affiliations and especially her increasing need to 'tell all' about the royals and their rituals.
She made a serious mistake in hinting as to the contents of her upcoming book. She was removed from public view
shortly thereafter. As for her son Harry .. clearly he is not Prince Charles' genetic material, and people in the UK used to
speculate about him being the son of Diana's lover of the time, while Charles played around with Camilla.
No wonder he (Harry) was put in danger in Afghanistan - a virtual baited target - with the potential to incite further
anti-Muslim wars for the Rothbergsteins warmasheens.

Then we have Henry Kissinger looking more and more like a bio-robot that lives forever
still having a huge hand in running things.
Then of course Zebig Brzezinski - the non-American sounding - shadow lurking behind
Bush and then Obama .. pulling all the strings.
The same klown that said in a speech at Chatham House or some other Reptilian hangout,
that it was easier to kill x million people than control them. Actually it might as well have been x billion.
Right in line with the Rosicrucian plans to reduce population levels to 500 mil of useful and obediant slaves.

I remember Brezinzski saying in an interview post 9/11 2001, that people should by law not be
allowed to question the 9/11 events, that full enquiries had taken place and now
the (fake) findings should be accepted and everyone should move on.
Shortly after that, Obama said virtually the same thing in an interview. Almost word for word from a script.
There is probably a law on the books that you don't even know about that makes these
type of discussions and questioning the 'official' story-line ..illegal.. a crime.
More 'Patriot' 'act' ZioNazi Bullsheize. The octopussy with tentacles worldwide.
The spie-der that came in from the cold (war).
ha. if it was even funny.

Laws wrapped tightly within other vaguely scripted laws that seem harmless
enough at first, usually involving some form of mind control around the Patriotism ism.
Yet is but more Fasism Communism whatever-you-wanna-call-it-ism ....BullshitISM.
All coming from the same cancerous ball of shite.

Maybe Obama is right in saying you can't change government from within ..
I am sure they have threatened him and his family to hell and back to make him
a willing puppet (after being thoroughly groomed by the TLC CFR morons in the mould of Mandela).
Then there is that mysterious scar. maybe they worked him over or replaced him with another.
Who knows, but the way they have set up the elections in the US by having no real
alternative than what you already had via Bush Bush Clinton etc. no matter the label on the tin,
only this time they are more transparent (unintentionally) about their candidates TRUE allegiances to Israel and
the war mongering cause of the Zionist rothschild N,W,O, empire.
Obama even repeated the erroneous old disinformation garbage about Iran threatening to wipe Israel off the map
on the second tv debate. Was there a gun to his or his families head again ...
..or a bluff perhaps..
that seems to have worked rather well in his favor.

but now we find ourselves in interesting territory with divided houses, damp squibs and impotent machines
of war ....ALL very much in the spotlight and under the microscope.
Every single move being carefully scrutinized.
One false move and .... You Will See.

After the recent NEOKonian war years, they tried to push you further into the hate zone of reactionary war fever
by laughing in your faces and making up the name of Barack Obama after first inserting the Osama meme, so that even
a child would have conflicting thoughts as the linguistics intertwined with Osama or a-bomber and folk start having bad
or irrational thoughts that are not of their own creation, but become part of the dark fabric parasite within.
This is all about pushing you into a corner where you feel you have no options but to bug out or give up, giving into
the moment as prescribed by the media war machine and giving up/in ... and saying as many people do - what are you gonna
do about it ..aah well ..
and go back to whatever mindless persuits you surrounded yourself with before in order to blot out the harsh reality that
you don't wish to be a part of.
But that is exactly what they want.

It is simple.
There are many more of you than them.
With Inherent Infinite Potential
They know that very well deep, deep down inside where they hide.
Everyone knows why they took all the guns away - to protect the criminals and to provide a backdoors like every Mi-crow-sofft
and fake virus protection program.
To empower the U.N. - foreign control boots on foreign soil, and zombie armies described by some as secret super soldiers trained
in underground military bases in case the folks on top get all uppity and stuff - the Red Shield funded post world-war creation - a false world police
that decides for the 'free' world what is right or wrong and democratic or not
ala NATO and all the other super-groups that use war and violence to hold the fake peace
until they hold another fake war
In Lucis they trust.
Ha = laughable aint it.

Talk about leaving the wolf in charge of the hen house.

In short, it is time to stand up and say :
To hell with this garbAGE
This false age of garb.

Humans are taking Back Their Soul Driven Sovereign Identity.


Do It Now.

You Will Have ALL The Support in the World
from Above & Beyond

Start by rounding up some of the criminals like Brzezinski and Kissinger, Blair and Bush,
the R&R's languishing in all their stolen 'wealth'
and the 'unknowns' in the 300 club and club of Rome,
and give them some SERIOUS question time to reveal WHO and WHAT they actualy
work for...serve.
Without room for political meandering, diversion or endless obfuscation.
Questions + Answers
Straight like an arrow


For starters:
Put Netanyahu in the hot seat and grill him thoroughly like an oversized kebab.
He was present at both 9/11 and 7/7 .. he KNOWS what is going on and why.
Make him tell the world on camera what he was really attempting to do by starting ww3
Inciting further hatred and violence which is by the hand of the very same controlers of darkness post 9/11
thoroughly ILLEGAL (their own carefully contrived law of hate crimes and speeches) on a world-wide scale.
and who his masters actually are as if we don't know.

Actually he should be in prison right now as we speak along with all the other criminals still walking around
as if they are untouchable.

And Screw the Rothschild and Rockefeller Puppet Red Shield Red Flag False Flag and all the other hidden e-lite bozos
they are powerless and ever dwindling.

Cut the cord .. it is time to grow Up and Out

Back to what SOUL POWER is Really About.

Not driving some demented slave parasite farm as if it were a school bus on a happy clappy day trip to the zoo.

Freedom Awaits You NOW.

There will be no reset or false exctinction 'event' - or any other tricks from the dark clowns that be.
The Terra-rist, comets/asteroids and alien invasion themes were all part of the old script.
That script is in the Fire. Beyond redemption. Ya dig.

So ~


Do It Now.

You Will Have ALL The Support in the World
Above & Beyond

Your Wildest Dreams and Fantasies

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