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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Lotus Flower
Post Content
I placed the above multi-verbage kulcha in a thread form just for
shift and giggles and see if I can get more than 33 people with
enough stamina and staying power to read it all ..
and besides I just like to see my name up in lights
Its an ego thing you know.

For those of you that actually took the time to read the wall of text above
I applaud you and thank you even tho I probably think you skimmed a bit
and probably missed the point which was ... ummmm


Lay'd he's and gentle parsons:>
Your new digital decoder ring is in the mail along with a cheque made from
solid gold, stolen by Robin Hood and placed in my tender care until now
for moments such as these ...
and signed with a genuine quill pen from a genuine quill.

Of couse for the spelling mistakes I claim Artistic Lie Sense.

But there were some clangers that shouldn't have been there like there/their
fascism wif a 'c' after 's' .. and from many timelines ago ..>
lascivious with an 's' enscribed elo elo eloquently before the 'c', tho' one might see an ass instead of ess in a red dress eye do doth confess
I vice versa my mistakes you see so as to keep the readuh wyyyde awake in dreamland
.. and obediant instead of obedient .. although the ant part sounds better
and describes what humans feel an ant to be more succinctly ..

..unless it is a grey then it aint an ant quite .. but sort of .. not

&&& prollaby many other klangers too two wit to woo

The other quirky not so perky bits are the predictable GLP insersions (ouch!)
of 'chosen people of G-D' in place of a word for J(eeuuu*WWW*)ISH

How very droll, and also why 'G-D' and not GOD.
You afeered of sumthin' hmmm ...

Seems the word checker on here is a little anti septic.

That t'were I a ScepTic in a septic Tank doing sum thinKing

Oh well - re the sensitive Jay word - its yet another faked religion stemming
from Egypt anyway -shapeshifted to suit the mood of the mode like most other
faked religions with good and bad all thrown into a pot for luck - bad mostly,
but you never know your luck really ..
& If lucky enough to attend one of these secret pot luck parties you will find
that they issue you with a personalised RFID'd seecret decoder ring with
Barack Obama's portraiture subliminally encoded and placed on the reverse for
your third eye'd viewing pleasure - and note these are only handed to the chosenEST
extra-specialIST humangods for their discerning

So might you be so luck key.



((((Thought Police and Ass-Tral spell checker phd.))))
 Quoting: WL1 1565709

and do you reckon you obtained 33 people with enough stamina?

all standing by, waiting for their rings and cheques.......
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