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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle errr
Post Content
Entre le epee flambe...

"Orrite he said, scratching 'is head...

I read, and I read till my eyes dried up and bled...

I got Bullshitism and Hecstacy..but I dinna ken the rest you cee

Holy Cow I said as I went off to bed...

Enuff of the problems and strife

I could el you see date

but thats not fare to me mate

who is at sea and iar eight

tryin to be funny

is bloody annoying...

but my shift is soon over

and off in the Land Rover

nah only joking..pullin yer

chain... p'raps a binding

and twything '

to go with yer ob few scay shun?

Or a Twinings Irish Brekky with scones and jam??/
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