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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle fs
Post Content
Astrea...dont be 'ajumpin to yer own conchulsions...

A spat we had, tis true, but in troof I got tired to the bone of the sorrow story Astrea...

at first I thought you were a woman.

anyway..point being, Tamar was quested with the protection of the waterfowl...and the fowl the protector of the shamir...

anyway..DUDE...."The sisters of The Southern Cross Tonight...fly straight and true...its kinda right...

I am a poet ya bufoon.

 Quoting: La Epee de'flambe... 28293300

If - 'Tis all well and good as yee say

that you watch over some sort of bird, or creature that flies alone the answer here is in the Tobit.

Why then, have I this terrible feeling in every bone?
That those encrusted lol...encrusted into dna...no rites...or "way" (er..trusted) with knowings of olde we are given senses, which can be honed
Make choice and deed against a choice may be made freely, or under duress...the algorythm of deed, follows...dependant on lov
that the heart the ever bleedsas do we all

taking direction from rotten dusty book, if you are referring to my 1800 Nuttalls Dictionary Sir...at Dawn!!" instead of from the

Waters of the living brook? Tamar?

what then when night falls, and in secret the bird takes flight?once the southern cross is set right

Having called and called and hearing nothing,3 fowl and seeing black

now returns to higher cloud, before the day
before the crown...

(try not to laugh aloud at my 8th grade poetry)
 Quoting: Astræa 14828328

We are told, a house with many mansions, we are told of Paradise on earth...we must understand the original sentience of Gaia...to hear her song.

Tolkien described the 9 riders who would fly over head and darken the skies...but..every spring, the bulbs come...

What must happen, in respect of positive change, is beyond the reach of man...without supernal divine intervention, and the co-operation of humanity to the above...things will only get worse.

I too, have felt the spirits on the river as I kayaked upstream, and yes, the wind can speak its voice...a rock will have a specific "feel"...

Anyway, I am rambling.

Have a nice evening Astrea.

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