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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle FHL(C) nli
Post Content
Lord let the aims, game plans and desires of the wicked, especially the international banksters, their lackeys, stooges and quislings, their organizations secret and open, happen according to Psalms and more, let them fall into their own pits and traps, let them be ensnared and taken, and their agreements and covenants with death, hell and the devil, be bound broken and utterly destroyed, and the annulment of their control over the wealth and lives of others, groups and nations, become so far reaching as to destroy the work of generations and millennium by them and the wicked one/s, so that as their structures collapse and the rats flee the sinking structures that many may be saved and that there is no place to replace, regrow, re sprout or prosper anymore in their wickedness and ways of flesh, selfishness and darkness dressed as light, to the accomplishment of Your perfect will and Glory, amen YAHshua/Jesus
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