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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hmm okay.

There is a lot of talk on Ye Internetes about this guy "Dallas Goldbug", who has identified some folks who look like Nazis, or who had cosmetic surgery.

Now, this guy also has some obvious bullshitz going on as well. I would like to address this meme of "Dallas Goldbug" and his work.

The first thing to understand, from an occult perspective, is the importance of the birth of TWINS OR TRIPLETS, as opposed to the plain old birth of one baby. In the occult mind as per the work of Joey Mengele SS doctor in the death camps who was obsessed with twins, one could say that the birth of twins, is factorially more useful, than just some dumb plain old birth of one baby. Haha, I am being facetious but only to make the point.

All babies are lovely and special, and humans naturally love them. But what I am explaining here, is that a twin, is the most tactically useful occult tool there is.

Well, it is not unknown that Joey Menegle not only sought out twins, to try and figure out how they work, and/or how to create them, but also, that according to the Satanic ethos, he himself was a twin, whose older brother was killed at birth, so as to make him more powerful. I will repeat that part for you, Joseph Mengele's older brother, was killed at birth, purposefully, to create a more demonic strength in Joseph himself.

You may be thinking to yourself, "Dear God man, who would do such a thing?!"

Well, you have to understand the bible, wherein, Esau, the older brother, is defrauded from his birthright, by his own mother, Rebekah.

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

Now, in the bible story, Esau was the true heir. And it does seem, that a conniving mother, who lies to her husband, can cause God's will to be done, if in fact God's will was for Jacob to be the heir. Do you see what I mean? Jacob, is perhaps a false heir. Or perhaps, God uses lying mothers, to accomplish his will? Think hard on this and ask your pastor/priest what he thinks.

In fact, another Jacob, of recent invention named "Jacob Frank", framed and focused this thoughtpath. In fact he claimed to be the Sabbatean messiah Sabbati Zevi, returned. I am not certain if it was indeed Zevi, who framed this is idea that "God uses deception and lies as his method", but certainly it can be said, that Jacob Frank is the one who made it his life's work. Frank took it and ran with it. He was the true "bad boy" of Europe, and it can be said, that he established not only the nation of "Turk-ey", but also the whole modality of biblical understanding that Satan is the god of this world.

Now, it is not a new idea, that Satan is the god of this world. Jesus and Moses (Akhenaten) were like father and son, ideological brothers in time and space. Both of them knew Satan rules this planet, and they really couldn't break his hold on it, because there is deception at a cosmic level, which empowers Satan to crush this world as he sees fit. However, both Moses and Jesus knew, that by properly exposing and resisting Satan and his priests, it would be possible to draw him out into the open, where eventually (in our time) the truth could be understood, and Satan would thereby lose his power. That was the reason Moses (Akhenaten) left the evil sages of Egypt alone, and tried to flee, as also did his ancestor Jesus, who told people to flee Jerusalem. Both of these Kings/Pharaohs of their time, Moses and Jesus, tried to deny the whole Satanic sage-cadre, by living at street level and refusing to sell their soul to Satan.

Anyway, the point is that yes, the bible does have what appears to be "evil" behind a lot of the segments in it. Another example would by Sodom and Gommorah, which has an economic monopoly and much wealth, due to the priestly man-boy rape root-chakra program, which is the same program we see Sandisky-ites programming their boys in the showers with today. Haha. Sorry, I have to slap your brains around to get through to you. But seriously now, take a look: In the bible, the man-boy rape economic Mammonic modality is actually preferred by the evil woman, Lot's wife, who gazes back at the city, as it is destroyed by God's wrath.

QUESTION: What God, destroyed the economic paradise of Sodom which was based on man-boy love?

Hmm, well whatever God it was, this God saw fit to let Lot bang his daughters, both the young one and the older one, in a cave. Yes indeed, according to the bible story, we see gayness defeated by perversion. Hahaha, oh Jesus can you see the hilarity in this? And let me tell you, I am a believer in Jesus 100%, but you have to admit, the bible is an awesome funny book. Well, like I said, ask your priest/pastor about this truth, after discussing it with your family. Get the whole family together to discuss the premise of Lot and his Daughters, and you may understand Jacob Frank and his duaghter, who are quite famous these days in certain circles. HahahahahaDERP.

Okay so anyway, I digress. But the point of twins, is that they can be either fraternal (In Rebekah's case this was so, there were two eggs in her womb, one was Esau and one was Jacob) but they can ALSO be IDENTICAL. So when I discuss this notion as mentioned above about Dallas Goldbug and his "Dude all these people look the same" meme, I am drawing you circumspectly around this essential truth, that when you have an identical birth, it is like GOLD, for those who seek to deceive.

I am saying that if deception is your goal, and certainly Satan is the father of deception, then the birth of identical twins, is what might be called a Satanic birth. This may be hard for you to understand, because we all love identical twins, as do I. I mean we are certainly (just as Joseph Mengele was) fascinated by identical twins. And why not? They're so cute and magical, like, why does the embryo SPLIT to make two or three or more, identical clones within the womb? It's simultaneously awesome and chilling, but most importantly, it is essential when one seeks to deceive.

Now you may ask, "Josh, why are you saying that twins are useful for deception?" ...To which I must reply, "Fucking DUH. Isn't it obvious?"

So I know I am being a pain in the ass (haha) and I just wanted to sketch some talking points here, but also to addres the "Dude these people look exactly alike!" meme floating around on Ye Internetes. When you consider the topical you toobes of the day, regarding a recent killing of a bunch of kidss, please do consider the history of Joey Menegele, who was fascinated with identical twins, and wanted to know how to make them. He was like a dumb caveman, trying to figure out, "How can I make these things?" Also, he was rewarded with a nice long life.

Well today, we know how to create identical twins. It's easy, just give mom some drugs of the right type, and the embryo will divide. But this is all based on the 20th century work of some very scientifically evil shits like Joseph.

And therefore, all I am trying to do with this post here, is to help you understand why perhaps, yes, JFK might look similar to Jimmy Carter. To suggest as DGB does, that they are the same person, is ludicrous. However, I have no problem believing that JFK had a twin, raised in secret on some farm. Do you get what I am saying?

I am saying if you or I were to think like deceptive shits do, we would obviously crave and want identical twin births foremost, and would seek to split all embryos in this way, so as to create a factorially more effective mindfuck, on Earth. The idea that one can divide twins at birth, and use each of them so as to appear to be the same person, or to appear to be similar-appearing persons, is a fucking no-brainer. Can you get what I am saying here? It's obviously of tactical advantage against the human mind, to have two or three babies that look alike, when you seek to convince the public that there is only one. Said a different way, one Shicklegruber/Hitler, is not as good as three Shicklgruber/Hitlers, two of which can be used as desired, sacrificed, raised on the opposite side, etc. Well yeah, I can't really explain it better than this.

But hey, the message I want to leave you with is this: If you see twins, hug them and love them. Because in the end, the evil modality I am describing here, is only effective if the twins are separated at birth. So I am saying that God gives us goodness, and magic, and it is the evil deceptive shits, who use that goodness for evil. Yes, it is magic when identical births happen. What is key is to understand the true pivot or what motivates truly good Kings like Moses and Jesus, to reject deception as a rule, ad to seek to become integrated, street level rulers. If you suddenly learn tomorrow, that you have a twin, wouldn't you embrace them and love them? Yes, you know you would. But what if your twin had been beaten and abused such that he/she is the opposite of your good nature? This would be another point I would like you to discuss within your families, so as to reduce hypocrisy and to improve your understanding of the machinery which happens at all phases of LUST > CONCEPTION > BIRTH, which process results in humanity itself. Yes, it can be said that all our ancestors were great perverts, for that is what drives humanity and its bloodlines to thrive. Well anyway, I have said more than enough. Thanks for reading, and Merry Christmas my dear friends.
 Quoting: the mirror and the abyss 30370599

I don't really care what a pastor or a church thinks, however I do know how God feels and felt about Esau.

He made it quite clear in His Word.


how can one hate someone that hasn't been born yet you ask?

that's quite simple in truth

because all souls born into flesh were originally CREATED into angelic bodies in a prior dispensation of time to this earth Age, in a time known as the first earth Age, this being the SECOND earth Age.

it was during the former time frame that we all existed prior to the FALL FROM GRACE which brought about the destruction of the former Age and brought in this new earth, an earth wherein we were to each arrive through the waters of the womb being born innocent of the former Age where we might then be judged on our choices made herein as to whether we wished to follow satan or God.

hence God knew Esau full well, long before he ever entered the waters of his mothers womb in this second earth Age.

Esau is the chap who traded his heritage for a bowl of cold mush if you will recall... in this earth Age.

Now that should solve all wonder as to why Esau did not retain his firstborn privilege, or any privilege at all for that matter. He was a worthless sot in the former age and hadn't changed a bit by the time he entered this one.

likely the case in most if not all, hence God has known since the former time who was what kind of person and who wasn't. that was the former Age wherein satan caused 1/3 of all Gods children, the Elohim, to follow him and rebel. the rest is history and it's landed you here in this world ruled by satan, prince of the Air which is what most of you thought you wanted in the former time frame.

pity eh?

those known as Gods Election are the only ones in the first earth Age that fought for the Father against the rebellion, hence they've been elevated and are now referenced as His Saints.

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