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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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 Quoting: the mirror and the abyss 30370599

I don't really care what a pastor or a church thinks, however I do know how God feels and felt about Esau.

He made it quite clear in His Word.


how can one hate someone that hasn't been born yet you ask?

that's quite simple in truth

because all souls born into flesh were originally CREATED into angelic bodies in a prior dispensation of time to this earth Age, in a time known as the first earth Age, this being the SECOND earth Age.

it was during the former time frame that we all existed prior to the FALL FROM GRACE which brought about the destruction of the former Age and brought in this new earth, an earth wherein we were to each arrive through the waters of the womb being born innocent of the former Age where we might then be judged on our choices made herein as to whether we wished to follow satan or God.

hence God knew Esau full well, long before he ever entered the waters of his mothers womb in this second earth Age.

Esau is the chap who traded his heritage for a bowl of cold mush if you will recall... in this earth Age.

Now that should solve all wonder as to why Esau did not retain his firstborn privilege, or any privilege at all for that matter. He was a worthless sot in the former age and hadn't changed a bit by the time he entered this one.

likely the case in most if not all, hence God has known since the former time who was what kind of person and who wasn't. that was the former Age wherein satan caused 1/3 of all Gods children, the Elohim, to follow him and rebel. the rest is history and it's landed you here in this world ruled by satan, prince of the Air which is what most of you thought you wanted in the former time frame.

pity eh?

those known as Gods Election are the only ones in the first earth Age that fought for the Father against the rebellion, hence they've been elevated and are now referenced as His Saints.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41137168

So have all the Saints come back to earth now for this time?

Because it sure as hell seems that way. Especially in New Orleans .......city of the Saints & Sinners. I expect to see people flying here any day now.........

There was a reason the Super Bowl was here in January and at the time which it happened.

There was a reason the Dalai Lama visited a couple of weeks ago. Again timing was key.
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