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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle 409 steel crankshaft
Post Content
Something has been exposed.

A seven year peering into your deepest skypes and facebooks and file uploads and deletions twenty seconds later by the censors and well, it's like a huge gash, in the side of a ship, under the waterline, that's trying to be surpressed.

I don't need to describe the gash to you, we may never see this gash or any gash of this kind, since icebergs connect underwater and the ship just goes down without ever anyone having seen the gash, except the guys in the cellar/lower decks. They see the inflow from the secret/undiscussed gash. They know, this ship cann't sail further.

The ship of course, is the old world of money. Debt I mean, money based on debt. See, the pharonic jubilee, cancellation of all debt every 40 years, was essentially to free people. The King, if he be noble, would do so. But see, the Aten of the might Pharaoh Moses (Amenhotep IV) has been usurped and that power of debt cancellation, abrogated. Indeed, the papists of this time, have failed to call for the Pharaonic jubilee to be revealed again.

Indeed these papists remain ignorant of Loyola's army and how they went from legit to non-legit in 1776 (coincidence?) .. But now they have the throne, the ultimate ambition, they have put their best end times man, in the throne, the lover of the poor, washer of their feet, hearer of the confessions. Oh well we must assume since there is no higher authority than the Jesuit General, that this Jesuit pope, confesses to... A Jesuit of some lower rank? Hmm, how does their power conduit work? I have read the both Hitler and Elron tried to model their authority after Loyola, I expect Jarett to be doing the same.

Ahh yes, what would cancellation of debt mean? It would mean, taking everyone on the ship, down to the lower decks, to see the gash. Ye, everyone must see the gash.

Now, women as such, ar butchered and then displayed here on this domain from Gurnsey, called godlikeproductions.com. I do not know what media has become, when savage gang killings of women (but a bunch of masked faggots) becomes a three star thread, but lo and behold, humanity in its mistreatment of women, can stomache this and oh so much more.

But no, I am not talking about gashes opened by machete of fag behiond mask who slaughters women. NO, I am not talking about that ghey sodomite hater of woman. I am talking about the kind of gash, that if seen, can sink ships.

What kind of gashes, of any size, can sink a ship? What if a ship be not a world money conduit, but a man, or a collection of men? What if White Star Line had raised up two ships to sink one with their monetary enemies on it, and what if both the Titanic and Monsa nto were run by the Jesuits through their company Monsanto? What if the Jesuit enclaves of Japan, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, were --oh well, I have explained it all in this epic thread, take note or don't, I can't really explain it better, while it now unfolds.

Anyway, the war against gashes is a priestly war, the King himself, having seen many gashes, doesn't obsesses over them as much as the lowly priests who rarely go to sea. No, the King knows that merchants will screw the masses with debt (especially debt to purchase shelter like mortgages aka death-contracts) and so the King says "No, every forty years I will cancel debts and the people can stay in their homes." because hey, if there is a hidden gash under the waterline of your country, the King can either come right out and fix it, or he can remian silent and be an impotant little bitch.

See a GOOD King would not enable the bankers or collectors or administrators or scientists, to ruin his kingdom. But an EVIL King, would do so.

See what we have are evil Kings. They conspire with the debt-mongers, to enslave people beyond the 40 year jubilee limit. All limits are off, in fact, for your children will inherit the debts which used to be dissolved at your death in probate and lein death courts. Know ye all that the basis of all law is contract law and that trust law is all about what happens when you die? Whom do ye trust with your assets when ye die? Do Stalin Hitler or Timothy Geitner see any problem with collecting from the estates of the dead?

What is real money? Indeed, at this time, a seven year IP gash withholding, has been revealed. Yes, everything on every Microsoft machine has been sniffed by backdoor NSA zero day exploits you neever knew about. Indeed I warned about this is my thread at 8ES titled "Wndows XP: Open the Code Now!" which of course was ignored by media outlets, because they never pay attention to these shitty conspiracy domains, but back in the era of 2005 when I was posting on 8ES, I was AHEAD of these programs like PR1SM which as you now know, began around 2007 with M$ as the first little jailhouse bitchrat, to spy on the Americans, and the world.

Good thread, I might post more if I feel like it. By page 2013, I demand Victoria the smart girl who knows Canadian bank fraud when she sees it (see this very thread) be made Pope. Not only should we have a female Pope, I think she should be prepubescent, or at least young enough to still be cute and precocious and not moody and angry like teenage girls. Well anyway, even if a female is put in charge of this huge gash in the world called EVERLASTING DEBT, well, what do women know about gashes? I think you can see that this thread touches on some raw nerves, and I am only doing this to you because it is necessary at this time. If we are to comprehend this unseen, hidden gash, which we are being lied to about (Captain of ship says be calm when he knows its doomy) ...Captains all kinda live of a fear of gashes, is the point from the perspective of seamen, I guess. But then of course, sailors in ports, might be able to weave a tale or two about gashes they lived through and maybe even enjoyed. Such is the way of the ocean.

Anyway, the great man Moses, if Thor Heyerdale be right, might have sailed to America. It is interesting to note that the Egyptian reed rafts of Ra I and II were gashproof! Personally I think that all Americans have the right to begin a national discussion, which will not be covered by the shitty media, and that this conversation should be about hidden gashes below the waterline, and how seamen might seek to reveal that gash and heal it. Get talking people, the TV won't do it for you.
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