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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle ufool
Post Content
So there was like 3 people claiming to be the nobody on this page. I doubt anyone of them could say what was the offer ?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 37570036

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 37570036

The offer is straight foreword and the real Illuminati understand loud and clear.

The offer is based on the Golden Rule, Karma and resurrection.

Unfortunately it takes a Nobody to understand this--pun intended.
 Quoting: ufool

The offer was from Prime Creator delivered by the nobody that all could be forgiven and they could be allowed back in to the Gates of Heaven if they changed their ways. They could avoid spending the next 1000 years in chains or being turned into less than dust. This offer was not just for the Illuminati it was for those who control the Illuminati. Scholars have determined the nobody to be an Arc Angel, Either Uriel, Meta-tron or Michael although it has not been determined exactly which one yet. Although it has not been ruled out that he could be something new.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35742717

You are correct and remember Heaven is on Earth. To return in perfect form your Karma must be maximized. What is the best way to maximize your Karma, protecting the Nobody who has maximized his Karma throughout the years.

The best label you can give him is a reminder because all he did was remind the Earthly Gods their purpose.
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