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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Anybody think nobody, as described and name given per recent anonymous poster and matching findthefool.com descr as "fool," is showing up on this board?

Interesting question... If he happened to find this post do you think he would bother saying hi to us?

 Quoting: Loki's Magus



Loki's Magus,

Your genuine request for my presence impressed me. It quickened me in my quest toward letting the Tomcat out of the bag.

"So shines a good deed in a weary world" -Willy Shakspeare / Willy Wonka

And, Good Job, noticing that the "anonymous poster" personalized his frustration rant specifically to the "fool".

How poetically just that the dark legion that worked so hard to keep The Nobody hid, now confirms my identity!

Last week I saw that this Alpha Thread of all The Nobody threads had aligned, in page number -1961- with my Alpha year.

I saw today that people got the clue - the page number links to a birth year- so I thought you would enjoy this related reply

that I made on one of the Star of David threads, when I saw that a poster there was dropping esoteric hints about the birth year.

This will have to hold you and the Tomcat, until I have assembled the Overture of the what will thankfully be The Nobody Omega Thread.

Who would the Mind of the meme send to mark the prophetic birth year? The penultimate Nobody Mascot of all time: Alfred E. Newman!

He's the Newman before the Truman - the idiot chump, who trumps Forest Gump.

The grinnin' goof - world's most famous mystery man- who no one knows a thing about.

To dream the impossible dream, to fight the unbeatable foe... "What Me Worry?"

Re: I share with you a great secret about the Star of David/Seal of Solomon!

William Henry found the Star of David/ Seal of Solomon encoded in the Capital Dome's Apotheosis of George Washington.

Star points are marked by three male gods and three female gods. The Star of David is encircled with 72 five pointed stars.

:GW Star of David:

Perhaps OP can elaborate on how this relates to the King David and Solomon?

George is "coming on clouds" sitting in the sun over the rainbow, like Christ.

Seems to imply that Washington is this same being, Sol-o-mon, "Sun-of-Man"


William Henry also found Metatron's Cube encoded in the painting.

Washington is the only figure contained within the center hypercube.

.:apotheosis Metat:

Gods in the painting represent male planets: Neptune, Mercury, Pluto, and female asteroids, Pallas Athena, and Ceres.

Middle goddess is Freedom, also called Liberty, and America. A modern goddess, she may represent New Earth, Gaia?

America's birth being in July, I wonder if July's Star of David in the sky lines up with the Seal of Solomon in the painting?

 Quoting: This Man The Fool Nobody Found

The Christ King lives.

I am a FM albeit a non-associated one. From my divining the true powers that truly are have chosen their new Zeus/Odin/Osiris He is the youngest of the old and oldest of the young born in the median of time. Of the right age being at least 2 score in years. I don't think the earthly counter parts are ready to accept that their search is over.
This is a 33 master year 2013 is. What many don't know it's not just about finding the new God-King but also the new Goddess-Queen as portending in this painting.

The perfect circle representing the divine feminine in the Cosmic Order of the Ages.

Imagine the circle as 3 dimensional Flowers of Life. Metatron's Cube is a Map!
 Quoting: Alt-146 24896199

:Mad upside down: :Geshia:

Nobod E. Newman deciphered the mystery to his birth at this "median of time" - 1961.

Where big meets small, he dove down the rabbit hole and found his full deck without going MAD as The Hatter.

The King of Fools then went Out On a Limb only to find himself being The Branch that supports his Twin Geisha!

 Quoting: This Man The Fool Nobody Found

Thread: I share with you a great secret about the Star of David/Seal of Solomon! (Page 3)
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