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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
That @E//g*l*in A%F*B* HAARP connection explains to those who often wondered why they had specific
ringing in the ears, headaches or tones and other digital artifacts manifesting whenever they logged on or started posting on GLP or similar .... once
you have been tagged or located - triangulated - become a blip on a gps map or global positioning tracking "super" computer, in much the same way as a
mobile phone is located and then becomes trackable and INTERACTIVE on database .... Once you have held up your hand and said "hey I am somebody and
I am not going to take this sh*t anymore" etc .... then you have become a target, or potential target, which is then (vulner)able to become targetted
through the HAARP system net of sky, via a local booster array near your specific location, or they can use your internet/ phone connection lines or WIFI
coverage in the same way, and similar other devices such as smart meters. Anything that is microwave based or operates within a critical frequency spectrum,
particularly the spectrum which is coincidental with that of the Human system - televisions, tv and computer monitors/screens ..most digital devices.
Most "entertainment" devices. Most of these devices if not all, operate at specific frequencies which can do nothing BUT ...are designed to do NOTHING
BUT .. INTERFERE with the Human mind, and beyond that even - the human Aura - etheric or non-material body. That is why ye internets seems so draining of
ye energy. Why you become so mesmerised and hours pass by without you even noticing. WHy it is SO addictive, and why they were so eager to get an interactive
system in every home. Broadband and WIFI coverage and mobile phone coverage in every corner, with early-age addiction to every portable or hand/pocket held device,
that is comparable to putting a grenade in your hand after pulling the pin, just more stealthy and not so dramatic on a snapshot time scale. A personal trojan device
of mass destruction with a timer device that is ticking down and draining your conscious awareness and life force energy. Once again these industries are mass money
spinners for the Rothschild group and there are very few "companies" at the top which actually control the many public "faces"of the comercial entities. Much like the
Carlyle Group (part of the Bush klan) being a nasty military industrial war manipulating group, yet also controlling a ton of those health food stores and suppliers
which supply vitamins and health supplements commercially like American Health, Good 'n' Natural, Holland & Barret, GNC and a whole lot more. A glp'er posted a list -I don't
have the link at the moment but will post what was posted (and saved). A bit of an eye opener if true as is the small list of major companies like Kellogs and Kraft that
control most of the pie. No wonder it is so easy to stealthily change the recipe and lace products largely aimed at children with stuff that clearly should be illegal
as it is toxic - including all those artificial "sweetening" poisons for people too lazy too exercise their fat asses, or MINDS over their wallets. That makes these companies
an important KEY element of the Criminally Negligent mafia groups.
thanks to the poster with a Dutch flag for below list -:
These supplement brands are owned by the Carlyle Group :
Solgar (www.Solgar.com)
Nature's Bounty (www.NaturesBounty.com)
Vitamin World (www.VitaminWorld.com)
Puritan's Pride (www.Puritan.com)
Holland & Barrett (www.HollandAndBarrett.com)
Rexall (www.Rexall.com)
Sundown (www.SundownNutrition.com)
MET-Rx (www.MetRX.com)
Worldwide Sport Nutrition (www.SportNutrition.com)
American Health (www.AmericanHealthUS.com)
GNC (UK) (www.GNC.co.uk)
De Tuinen (www.DeTuinen.nl)
LeNaturiste (www.LeNaturiste.com)
SISU (www.SISU.com)
Good 'n' Natural (www.goodnnatural.com)
Home Health (www.homehealthus.com)
Julian Graves
Ester-C (www.Ester-C.com)
Natural Wealth (www.naturalwealth.com)

Once again the crocodiles in charge of the hen house, as with Donald Rumsveld and his Aspartame Pharma death companies, Monsanto and the other frankenstein genetic distortion
companies, many not talked about much, like DuPont (another el-eat family name) and the appointments to the FDA of some very nasty snakes with open ties to these companies
working to kill off and control Humanity through the usual additives and poisons and GM shyte in the food chain. what happened to conflict of interest. Then again what happened
to freedom and rights and fairness ..as if ever ...allowable by the jackbooted jackoffs that be - we shall see about that tho....count on it....
It WILL Be Your Undoing.
Lobby this motherf**kkkers >.<

These broadcast towers whether in plain sight or hidden within the trees, as a fake tree or structure other than what it really was, were installed covertly at first in a way that
it was plain to see that they knew very well that if people found out or spoke out about the obvious dangers, or questioned why so many were placed so close to schools and communities,
that they would not be able to continue on such massive scale, but now they have reached saturation point, so they just bullDOZE you and think they are now beyond question or LAW.
Even if every study has determined that these towers are lethal and just because it doesn't fry you in five minutes of lab testing, over hours, days and months in actual operation,
it is nothing short of LETHAL and DNA DESTROYING... which was the INTENT all along. Which is whay they will try and have done, ANYTHING it takes to get the plan to manifest.
But ALL things being so non-god-like are destined to become un-done by their very own self destructing internal mechanisms inherent in weapons and TOOLS of mass destruction.
ALL the studies which proved that the levels of these cell/mobile phone towers and WIFI were "safe" can be traced to the same "gi-ant" money control groups which
are behind the implementation of the tower cell (as in prison)

What does "broadband" mean to you if you think about it. Then super-broadband .... then mega-broadband etc. It speaks of fearfull sad klowns that need to cover all their bases
and asses with their ass-e.t.-s, and then when that appears not enough they need to apply even more POWER (as with CERN super-colluders on collision course),
and more power even tho enough could never ever be enough for parasites with unquenchable bloodthirst and hunger for powah. Even faster than the speed of light will not be enough.
And who is that insane and pathetic that they even needed access to anything faster than most broadband internet connections were supplying already couple of years ago.
Some sites ..*winks*.. makes it go-slo so ya asks for more even tho ya donts needs it and then you willfully allowz it inter yer homez.
It sure wasn't about downloading that porn movie or the latest hollywood 3d blockheadbuster in a nano-second to be played back in hyperfappingspeed.
Maybe there is the one or two zombie-bot jackoffs out there that wish to have his web pages load before he even thought of clicking ponce'd it. In fact did he even think of it at
all or did the internetz lead him down a "path" before he even knew there waz a path. The route(r)/root of aaaall eebill.
Human-2-zombie-skynet-inyer-inter-face-book. Router not required, just a root-a-toot and reboot .. then shoot.
& not too mention that the more better shinier pixels and l.e.d.'s will blindz ya in no timez at all,
let alone what it might be doing to your third eye.

But surely I digress and degrass . . . .

Back to the HAARP amplifiers and booster stations at places like @E//g*l*in A%F*B*,
and probably one near you, if you are being targeted or suspect that things are not quite normal, despite people saying you just need to go see a doctor or its just some symptom of
new age awakening. That awakening - kundalini - vibrational - spaced-out stuff that people like to talk about to make it appear to others that they are somehow more advanced
and (pseudo-)spiritual-sexy than the next ....is mostly a smokescreen to cover up the effects of being targeted by the dark scum that be, and if indeed any positive
effects are being felt, it would make no sense to go and crow about it on a dark military controlled site which is most of the internet, unless you purposely wanted to make yourself a target
or had a specific message to convey.
Even the effects that are often put down to et's or other dimensional forces targetting you, are often just the same old dark brotherhoodwinking military forces at work, but not always, it must
be said, there is some other stuff filed under
"other" and "W.T.F.!!!" and hmmmm.

There is of course rather a lot of help from their allied dark e.t. counterparts who have been very much present in these ops and manipulating this realm as we mostly all know or at least sum or
two do .... for a long time, with their own interests not coinciding with those of Humanity, and they are certainly not interested in negotiating with, or flat out releasing Souls from this
hellish realm they have possessed in their madness. They or rather their lackeys have made that very clear.

Thankfully they are not the only ones who are here.

*There Is Good Out There*.

The effects of the Good that is "out there" and "within"
Is palpable.

Verily ... and merrily

up and downstream

Life IS but a dream

within a dream

seen through a mirror darkly

& not the nightmare they wish to impose - project - by trickery and magick .. the mere sight,
the mare of fright, the filly of dark folly
versus the white horse
of H-Uffington
and other such places
of interest
removing the little g from "glove"
makes more sense
when viewed from

++++++++ ++++++++ ++++++++ ++++++++ ++++++++ ++++++++ ++++++++ ++++++++
And so,
What do you think would happen to your government and military systems if people were exposed on a very
large scale to the information that you ..as in UK/USA&allies and your Israeli thugs are targetting with
intent to harm or kill Sovereign Citizens, Sovereign Entities and innocent Humans, who are not military
combatants or involved or affiliated in any way with any organisations, secret groups or any so called
terrorist groups or "watch" groups (even tho we know exactly who the REAL terrorists are don't we)
...and if war was declared "officially" on certain targets, then give us the names and particulars of
those "officials" and facilitators of said declaration, and see if our script matches your skryped.

Despite the justification you feed your hive drones, or is it more a need to know basis / compartmentalized,
so they are unaware of the targets being civilian. That is extremely doubtful unless you are using foreign
forces or robot zombies or just plain stoopid. What you "do" is illegal from any perspective from which it is
viewed. These are WAR Crimes. You know what happens to war criminals ... and that is only here and at the basest
of base human legal systems .. Geneva convention etc minor league levels of window dressing.
I am more interested at levels far beyond that, and playing for keeps, but these levels are needed for
Humans to see what scum has formed on their Waters of Life.

NONE of your theatrical or covert subversive post 9/11 alterations of laws entitling you to do as you wilt
with anyone you choose wherever you choose ... hold any Water with the REAL Powers That Be.
Those laws entitling you to label whatever or whomever you see fit as "terrorist" or "enemy combatant"
or whatever other couched, cloaked, meandering, misleading "legal" bogus terminology you may have invented
while you masturbated yourself into a frenzy at Guantanamo, all karefooly scripted to take away any and all
forms of power or response from Sovereign Humans ....
NULL ....VOID...
Do You Understand jackasses in jackboots and dark roots.

you are truly Powerless Nothings in the grand scheme of things. You made sure of that.

Your governments and Military Industrial Groups and Banking systems etcetera .. will Fall
because of this/these action/s
and that will just be the beginning of your troubles.


oh yes jackasses it will soitenlee set you bak a tak

as if you were a ducks feather on a branch
on an old blackened and withered tree
with branches so old and dead
they could easily crack and break free
under the merest movement
or breeze
from an ant or spider
and yet there you sit
balanced so precariously astride her
out on a limb
a mere feather that was ruffled
once rumbled
facing so defi-ant-ly
the Hurri-Cane which approaches
at first somewhat muffled
see the scattering below
of the roaches
and remember the frog
as it not so gently poaches
see the fire and the fog
'pon waters the smoke IS
You got your
 Quoting: Jak Blak 1390620

Hey bro Tumeke (Too much,a grattitude and appreciation for you're expression it spills truth and oppresion,my friend,there is opposing forces at be,through the haze that we see,through my tongue that i speak,let it be,let it be.
simply,peace or insanity....july 4th a date i am concerned about.
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