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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle california uber alles
Post Content
Wow, still a lot of munchkins who want to try and steer this thread. But see the destination to which they would steer it. Toward themselves, and some psychotic rambling.

Hmm, I think it can be said that "Pages as years, in a thread" was an idea invented by me, here in this thread. I never saw a thread with the perfect structure and positioning, to be ridden like this one. But the difference is that when I post, 1: I post info you never thought of our heard or considered, and 2: I usually get banned and therefore cannot reply to followpup questions.

However my last post here didn't get me deleted, and maybe thos one wont as well? Hmm.

Okay well let's get right to the nitty, and also the gritty, and yes, the shitty. Let's get to the nitty gritty shitty, because, it ain't pretty.

This modern info world pivots on one thing: DEBT

The only goal we all as humans should have, is to eradicate debt from our world. Let no man owe another or be coerced into same. Do a man to mort-gage his life for a sheltering of himelf, let alone family? Then my friend, you live on a sick world.

And well, let's step back and look at this whole "M$ has been snooping on the world since every OS after win95 OSR2" meme. Well, let's see, I guess my first question to you is this:

Is blackmail, a way to coin gold?

And if some group of persons had the power to peek in on your screen, and see what you look at, well, for example, how many of you have gone to any adult video store and perused all four walls of videos? Well, wether you like watching snuff films or kids butts or just plain old legal felching and goatse and sadomasochistic whipping, whatever you like, is known.

What kind of inquisition will this next one be? I suppose that rather than the old one where demons hid under religious garb of Christian type, this one will have a new type of inquisitor; One who specializes in shaming people with their own perversions. I suspect the databases within the US, which hold everyone's perversions and sins (along with all the evidence rooms scattered across the country and in the PACER system if you can afford to access it) will be entrenched deep inside concrete bunkers.

How shall we blame the world for being upset at us? If you aimed a camera into your neighbors house and caught them fucking, and secretly used the video for your own purposes, would be surprised if that neighbor shows up at your door with a shotgun? What if you set up a camera for ALL your neighbors and they all found out after 7 years, at the same time? Would they form a mob?

Anyway, like I said, Freudian hypocrisy is what makes a naked child at the beach, a meltdown moment in America. We blame children, at the same time that we pretend that they are the future. No, the children realize eventually, that they are not the future, but the food, of the now. Children are the grease that the axle of civilization turns upon. That is why Jesus took a little child and set it before all his followers and essentially said to them that their bickering in his eyes, was sounding much like the lawyers (Pharisees) who were Jesus' enemy. He said "If you do not become like this one, a little child, you will not gain the Kingdom of heaven." ...Even if you do not believe in Jesus, I ask you, me, some dude on the Internet, I ask you, could the children do any worse than us?

And yet children (or the representation of them) and witchunt-jingo-pogroms of those who are "pedophile" while the word itself means "lover of children", has caused the whole world to devolve on this issue. But the blackmail business, is booming. The business of dirty tricks, is booming. Well, in an infowar involving kids butts, you have know that the people deep inside the DoD are like Pokemon collectors in this regard.

Oh, on this matter that no other people will touch (well until I now touch it) is this: Wikileaks, what did they do? Well, if you were paying attention, back when Wikileaks was operational, they published some pieces written by others. One of these was a German piece titled "My Life in Kinderporn" which essentially tried to approach how benign much of the reality is, and how its mostly hype. Well, shortly after that article, guess what? Wikileaks goes down.

This subject, is as untouchable, as your bathing suit area without your permission. And so think hard and long now, why would some people at the top be freaking out, if some things known to others, become known to all? What if some things seen by others, become seen by all?

For my part, if I were chosen to be the man in power, as I said, I would eradicate all debt, and probably the Taliban as well because they are such dickheads killing and hurting girls. But here I would add a third promise, I would create what are essentially "phonebooth" type kiosks, into which you, the citizen, can go. Inside that box, you would be allowed to view anything and everything you want, that has been collected (not in active cases mind you, just historical cases or on IP networks) and you can do so in complete privacy.

This sort of booth I would build, you would go in, you and a guest or three, if you like, and view what is viewable. This means that I would give people the power to see all that the camera's lens has captured. This means you can satiate your demonic self by dialing up some child snuff videos, if you want. Or, you could dial up some pictures of a murder, or whatever. Others could dial up gentler stuff like secret phone calls (all idenxed under perversions as to topics on the calls. You can dial up famous politician XXXX XXXXXXX discussing his love for sucking cock, andything that has ever been taped or recorded, would be viewable, in these booths I propose.

Oh, these booths would be called "confessionaughties" or something, because the idea is a sort of confession booth where your choices are the confession.

The prevailing theory says that by aversion, humans can be changed. No, I wonder perhaps if indulgence instead, would be the way to process humanity's mental inconsistencies. Therefore I would give every American, the right and the means, to view all the data that has been collected. The only way to make this equal now, is to give everyone the chance, privately in the booth, to see what the Eagle Eye has seen. In this way, humans can all see themselves as they are.

If I am ever place into power, I will refer to my promises in this thread, and I assure you, I will strive to keep them. The place my friends, is 1964. JFK has just been murdered, the Dimona blackmail/threart matrix will continue. The pages upcoming hold much intrigue. Blackmail you see, is what the machine does to itself. And like Hotel California, you can never leave. But what if a team of sappers goes into Hotel California and blows it to shit and starts shovelling the contents of the basement out into broad daylight? That is the moment which is pending. We should know by the time they release IE version 38.3 which I hear will be the most stable version up to that point.
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