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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
God want's this man to be adopted by the Illuminati for what is to come. The Illuminati have plans that will keep them from perishing and know when it's coming, while common man does not. It is beneficial and necessary for the both to work together for the re-birth, re-population of earth. At he same time if you ever have read what Hidden Hand has said, take some of that into consideration. Sounds like the Illuminati have actually grown to like this guy. The Illuminati have the experience of empire building, which will aid ushering in Gods Kingdom on earth. They are already being restrained from their as 'per usual' way of doing things for 26,000 years, some bloodlines maybe longer because of they are still resisting.

Seems like a pretty cool idea to me, God is actually gonna let one of his own learn their secrets, to use for the re-birth and to pass to common man to even the playing field on earth for future generations. The secrets of the Illuminati (magic like stuff) Is for all Gods children to know and has been suppressed for 10's of thousands of years.

I'm looking forward to reading more threads on the OP's post it is really interesting.

I know what this nobody feels like, as well. I am a nobody and was also the target of elimination by some influential ppl and ppl I thought I could trust, sucky feeling, and feels like a major let down, then God quickens you, and you start rolling along again knowing everything will be OK. You become more empowered.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1023619

The Illuminati.....don't recruit guys like this.
He wouldn't be someone who volunteers to be a prospect.

They don't need him, they have their powers.

Peter Levenda has already written how many books?

What secrets would not God know?

God could download all that, or do another Edgar Cayce.

Illuminati secrets......are left hand path...demonic...satanic....not good for children.
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