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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Israel wins = JFK dies
Post Content
Can't you people type anything useful as to history? I worked hard to bring this thread to this point. Fucking idiots posting here, except chinadot, who has been a good contributor, your prayers are quite nice and each opne of them is in the right spirit. Thanks buddy.

In 1967, Israel stole more land, as the German colony they are. I explained this on pages 1930 onward and prior to that somewhere around page 1881. The German Kaiser visited Israel well before they actually captured it.

In 1967, Israel having killed our President JFK who tried to save the mid east from weaponization, continued to make nuclear weapons, which Golda Meir the Prime Minister in the 1970s of German Colony Israel, used to blackmail the world for a big cash and weapons payday.

But it wasn't just stupid shit like Israel's evil, that went on in the time after WW2. There was the drug war called "Vietnam" which was a meatgrinder/distraction for people like Forest Gump.

On page 1971 we begin the modern coup which took place, where on the orders of Haig and the US Israel-Controlled Congress, a non elected ghost leader called Leslie Lynch King Jr. became the overloard of the USA. This man went by the fake name "Gerald Ford".

though they tried to make him look like a bumbler, Mind Control victim #3,244 says Ford he was the King of Child Pr0n. Did you know that? Let's use these pages to dig deep into Gerald Fords true nature and life. Anything less does the future a disservice.

Well anyway, see you in the 1970s. I wanted to make this 100 pages of the 20th Century better, in this thread, but you can see the clueless dipshits I am having to race against as they run this thread up. But I am used to the pace by now. But yeah, so many wasted pages/years with no comment but much faggotry, in these last few pages. Hey, I've stuffed lots and lots of data in this thread so I am not sure where i will take it after page/year 2013. I suppose the spirit wil guide us all. The spirit of tits, vagina, and smooth skin. Women are divine, and until this world understands that, and drops is Satanic ghey persecution of women through debt and destruction of families, Earth stands no chance.

Welp, in the spirit of cool things that get done during times of great death and piles of bodies, here is the 1967 Chevelle. Shall America ever return?

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