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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content


I've found 4 such Nobodies matching this description so far. :-)
 Quoting: Nihilistic Nobody 39586185

Frankly....it doesn't matter one whit either way.

The meme was started as a way for insiders to share insider knowledge among themselves as part of the dynamic of "being special" in front of those who are "profane" (the judgement comes from the esoteric hotdogs who think their special because they have special secret knowledge as they all read the same books as they tred on oft used trails).

These type of occult based, masonic iniates and goofballs who exercise rituals while focusing on "set" and "setting" are occult based. Apparently the demonic spiritual world has been contacted for some time (Ouija Boards were popular in the sixties selling 2.3 million game sets...for children to play with the spirit world????).

The contacted entities are well known and written up in esoteric books.

These people are playing with fire...........and they interpreted "the nobody" as a magician (someone who can cast influence either acausally without locality or otherwise).

So.....they apparently projected their hopes and attempts at accessing special power....onto to somebody who had no initiation in any occult esoteric belief or practise?

Oh my.......he must be a left hand or right hand magician like we are...right? WRONG. This guy never heard of any of this stuff....didn't believe in Tarot, Gematria, Kabbalah, black magic, ritual etc.

He attended a Congregational church....confirmation...etc.

But not a real bible hound.

He's going the distance, he's all alone....and did what he could with what he had to work with...but needed an honest set of lawyers.

ACLU Nat Sec Division.................was nowhere to be seen and didn't ever try to talk to him concerning the factual issues supporting the legal issues.

To this day..........he dispises the scum at ACLU for being what they are: a joke...infiltrated by Neocons who screw up the best cases while holding back The ACLU's firepower for the benefit of the police state.

Go shove this in Mike German's and Anthony Romero's face...some time?
 Quoting: Loki's Magus

the ptb underestimate the nobody...he has learned both the left hand way an the right hand way.

his bloodline is a merger of illuminati, royalty and templar lines. not just any lines, the LEADING lines. a person 1000 years in the making.

he has templar magic availible to him just as he has illuminati magic. he has learned how to use buildings and landforms as they do. he has learned to deal with his children (the illuminati word for demons).
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41895357

Hey, you're quoting is messed up. The quote by me should read "I've found 4 such Nobodies matching this description so far. :-)"

And the quote that says my name is a reply from someone responding to me saying that.

Just pointing this out so there is no confusion to others reading.

Also, without saying how I know, I will say for one of the Nobodies your information is spot on. I wonder if you are describing more than one person...

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