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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Nihilistic Nobody
Post Content

 Quoting: Septenary Man

The fatima guy is a psyop misdirect. Countless people have a life story similar to his and some of his explanations of how the movie is about him are just sad. Come on people. My guess is the nobody is the most slandered and disliked thing on the planet right now. (Watch commercials for proof.) A white guy in his 30's who is bright and in no way emasculated, athletic and likely lives a traditional lifestyle without the religious dogma.

In other words everything the media is trying to pretend doesnt exist unless there is something very wrong with them like drug or alcohol addiction or something else sinister like being an evil bigot.

The enemy of the system is who you are looking for and they have made it obvious who and what it is that they hate.

So the birth date will likely be 70's or 80's.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 36555947
Sounds about right, his name is regan roy, born 23rd August 1979, on the cusp of Virgo and Leo. Both his names mean King, 23 August is about the time Regulus of the Leo constellation is Occulted by the Sun. Lives in New Zealand, close to the Beehive(Parliment building), has been described as an Aryan Philosopher King and a King in Rags. Had some sort of influence with hermeticists. The treatise on the Ressurection was written to him. Appartently.

Don't mistake me for the nobody, i'm the Nihilistic Nobody, not the Nobody Nobody, i just happened to aquire some info on this nobody via non-physical means. Piece.
 Quoting: Nihilistic Nobody 39586185

What if i told you they were all in the same age group, many if not all have the same sound at the beginning of their first and last names(like roy rogers or your nobody.)
Were born on a cusp or within a day or two of one. (I also have a hunch that are born in between the x and y generation
so that would be roughly 79-81.)

Now, why are their several? One for each region or one for per so many million people? Is it a competition or a group think?

Last but not least did i just make all this shit up to protect and hide the nobody by muddying the waters further.
Would you believe me if i said i didnt know either?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1003376
I'm still curious as to the reason why the nobody needs to be hidden and protected. anyway.

Here is some more information. This was also written for him apparently.

[link to www.themasonictrowel.com]
"In the Roman Mithraic rites, there were different levels or grades of initiation. One was termed the Degree of the Lion. The neoplatonic philosopher Porphyry writes: "The theologians have used honey to symbolize many different things since it combines multiple powers, and is both cathartic and preservative in its effects. Many things are kept from rotting by honey and it clears up persistent wounds. It is sweet to the taste and is gathered from flowers by bees which incidentally are born from cattle. When they pour honey instead of water on the initiates in the Lion Mysteries, they call upon them to keep their hands pure of all that which is painful, harmful, or dirty "

(Porphyry, On the Cave of the Nymphs) Porphyry also says that souls coming into the world are "born from cattle, and the god who secretly impedes incarnation is "the cattle thief".

What could he mean by this statement - born from cattle? It seems that Porphyry is making an allusion to the Neoplatonic principle that souls descend into incarnation (the Many) and ascend back to the Monad (the One). The summer and winter solstice being the two gates (sometimes referred to as "mouths") in this process: the gate of Cancer (summer solstice) being the one through which souls descend and the gate of Capricorn (winter solstice) being the one for ascending. The key to Porphyry's statement is hidden in the astrological symbols. The sign of Cancer is ruled by the moon (Kore was sometimes called the moon and also Melitodes meaning "honey-like") Souls were thought to descend into incarnation from the lunar sphere. And the moon is exalted in the sign of Taurus, the Bull. Recall the Taurus symbol: the crescent crowning the circle. Thus, souls are born from cattle."


"he archetypal idea of the Great Individual. This is he or she who "breaks away from the anonymity of the primordial collective." On the heavenly realm he becomes a god-figure and on the earth plane a god-king, shaman, wizard, or medicine man. He is the Pharaoh, the King signifying Great Man. He is the King Bee (as they thought this in ancient times). At a psychological level, this is a stage of god-identity - the human bearer of an immortal soul (recall the Third Degree). The King has ritually transformed into a god by unifying all the soul's parts. "the history of Egypt enables us to trace in a unique way how the ego grows out of its original collective identity and how the Great Individual, as carrier for projection of the collective self, paves the way for the formation of each individual ego, and initiates and assists the process. Whereas in a collective composed of incomplete individuals the god-king is the archetypal representative of the group's totality, this figure gradually develops a mediatory function, that is, it gives up more and more of its mana to the group members and is thus disintegrated and dismembered. The same process of incorporating and assimilating the greater, which was originally enacted between the king and God, now takes place between the individual and the king, who is 'eaten'. His divine kingship is continually reduced, but at the same time the incomplete members of the collective, who formerly existed only as instruments of his apotheosis, become complete individuals. his (the King's) demotion is accompanied by a process in which every individual acquires an immortal soul, that is becomes Osiris, and introjects the self, the god-king, as the sacral center of his own being." (Erich Neumann, The Origins and History of Consciousness)"

Also, these are of interest.

[link to www.clockworksky.net]

[link to www.clockworksky.net]

May have to read between the lines a bit, but is very revealing. Peace
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