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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
OP you are clearly not in the know. Nor are you spiritually sound. First of all God doesn't make deals with luciferians. They needs to publicly ask forgiveness mean it and that would never happen. It's going by way of revelation no man in the illuminati is good or peaceful or going to heaven. Especially not at the top not unless the repent. You're brainwashed and foolish if you want to talk to a right hander then maybe you ll gain some sense. Btw no such thing as a good witch. Therefore watch as it all unfolds the way God planned. It's already motion we know the outcome.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 40923845

It's amazing how Christians think everything is always about them and their religion. Christianity is a very bold religion, declaring they are going to rule the universe and the angels, declaring a monopoly on good (all persons not Christian or Jewish are all evil and going to hell and knowingly/unknowingly worshiping demons) and declaring therefore with this "sound logic" that any person who is a witch is evil.

Originally any person not a Christian was evil, but then the Crusades happen and when Christians were unable to defeat the Jews and Muslims it became everyone but Jews and Muslims only because the RCC lost the battle to rule the world.

It's nothing but a system of control, and a very anti-christ teaching IMHO.

The Jews told Jesus he was evil for using magick too. I think the Christians would be the first people to kill Jesus again if he showed up. The Pope will help all the Christians believe Jesus is the Anti-Christ maybe...

During this time all Christians who did not submit to the RCC were also demon declared demon worshipers.

The image of "the devil" was intentionally crafted after "Pan" because the RCC wanted troops to kill them for being demon worshipers.

Not every belief modern Christianity has is in any way the teachings of Jesus. Pope Perfect burned 10,000 Christians alive for refusing to give him a book on black magick. His "cover story" was that they insulted his messenger.

People have very real reasons to see Christianity the way they do, and hate mongering and declaring anyone outside your acceptable belief system is by default evil only fuels their very well informed rage against you...

There are Satanists out there who fight for American freedoms and support your right to be a Christian if you want to. There are pagans who work hard to protect ever Christian's right to their beliefs, and people of all walks of life who put their lives on the line to help even the Christians...

I see no reason why Christians and other religions on this earth cannot co-exist together. If a religion is true, people should not be forced to accept it, but be made to willingly.

Christians need to learn their own history if they want to figure out the difference between the thorns and wheat amoung them...

It is perfectly possible the Nobody is a good person doing good things and that he just happens to not be a Christian.

I know this is inconceivable to many people on the GLP board, but I think if a person lives a good life, fights that which is evil, and has faith in some sort of God then it is totally possible for them to be "A" or "the" Nobody.
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