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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle FHL(C) nli
Post Content
the only satanists that are opposed to are the ones that do death rituals.

such as human sacrifice.

those rituals will have to cease.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17584926

Yea, human sacrifices is a little unnecessary in this day and age. All true theistic Satanists will tell you that. Most of them see animal sacrifices as wrong nowadays.

It would be helpful though if Americans stopped telling everyone that Satan runs our Country, as Iran seems to believe them and hey, they have nukes now.

That's Iran, the same government that sponsored a $1 million assassination order on an American for writing a movie they didn't like, so they are pretty hardcore with their new nukes and everything.
 Quoting: Loki's Magus

You are are a stooge, a shill, and deceived, yet worse than that you are a deceiver, and would lead many others to their doom. Repent soon, you will need that.

Human sacrifice** is typically assumed to be a “primitive” institution, one that long ago vanished from Western
civilization. Unfortunately, quite the opposite is true.
The institution of sacrifice lives on. Although much of
it is hidden from view in unexpected forms, it remains an
essential part of first world everyday life, politics, and
 Quoting: [link to www.critical-art.net]

"sacrificing us for them"

wake up
been telling you
for years and years.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7669788

My apologies. I misunderstood the reference.

Maybe we will all be Sacrificed to Allah, or to Jesus, or to Satan? By this reference far more people have historically been sacrificed to Allah and especially to Jesus than to the devil.

The devil does not exist though. Satan is a whole other story...

Look no farther than the Bible to see God kills many millions and Satan less than 10. Not to speak of of the Bible, but rather of people who wield it like some kind of final truth, and think they have a right to genocide.

The devil is usually innocent, as those who boldly wear wolves clothing are merely sheep or goats. It is the ones bathed in light and love in public you should be noticing.

The point I am making is that if you look a gift horse in the mouth because of their religious belief, you loose out on the fight for your own freedoms.

[link to www.godgamesproject.com]

Nobodies can be pagans too.
 Quoting: Loki's Magus
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