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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

The devil is usually innocent"

What garbage,
repent soon LM, you will need it. To the vile little creature in the NSA/ABC that thinks they can edit me live, wake up , you are not just a shill , a stooge, compartmentalized, a liar, thief and cheat as per LM, you are wrong, and going to go down, repent soon, amen YAHshua/Jesus
 Quoting: Loki's Magus

As I said previously, the devil does not exist. That's Satan you're thinking of.

A previous poster said "we" have no problem with Satanists save the genocidal / human sacrificing ones. Obviously you are not part of the we, as the majority isn't. It's not your fault you've been lied to and Christianity has been modified to create this anti-christ teaching that magick is evil though... It's someone else's fault. Jesus was a magician too, and the Jews told him he was going to hell for casting out demons.

If your God wants to punish people like me for protecting the rights of people like you to be allowed to the Christians, then your God is one sadistic bitch. Or maybe that is your own ignorance.

They say if you want to prolong the magick then you have to let the "stone" masons do all the work. I say fuck it, we have pirate (AKA Illuminati) cripplers project going teaching new people how to do all the work.

Goats are Left Hand. Sheep are right hand. I am frankly a little of both.

You're welcome for all this help, not that I expected a thank you. Or maybe I should stop, because God is going to judge me for using magick to try to help the good people and the innocent naive ignorant people who are Christians who try to make me hate Christians and fail every day.

It's team work, sure, and I am not the only player, but this continued action of telling all the pagans they are going to hell for using magick... This is a really bad time to be preaching that Gospel to people trying to help fairly...

There will be 512,000 in total. Christians and pagans both. No Satanists, no Muslims, acting as Pirate Cripplers.
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