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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Finally a stupid stooge, who thinks to influence believers, against YHVH/Gods will, publicly on the internet. I see you, and i am am nothing, My Father is everything, bad move , if you get the chance to repent.

manifest wrath and terror of God
O Good, Baals prophet as wolf in sheep's cloth,
"Bless Heavenly Father please bless the NSA and all things according to Your Will in Jesus name. Amen."

You have no idea how long i have waited for this. Father, it is time, separate the tares in preparation for their burning so many repent before they do, amen YAHshua/Jesus
 Quoting: FHL(C) nli 42510501

The NSA will get their reports on Pirate Cripplers in time. In the meantime, this seems to be in the hands of the people...

I am not Ba'el's prophet, nor am I Ba'el's Face's Co-Worker's top ally's prophet (people sometimes assume this.) I am not a prophet at all. I am a magician who tries to do the right thing.

At least I am doing something, and my spells work more often than people think they do.

If you want to understand anything I just said open a history book sometime. It's not like this is occult knowledge or something. It's all in books.

If you don't study the history of genocide, you will never understand why I don't hate an entire religion just because there are thorns amoung the wheat.

I'm not separating Christian thorns from wheat. I'm more over there on the other side of the fence, reminding people what happens when you oppose warriors of love...

They can stand against some of us, but they are powerless against 512,000 of us...
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