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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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 Quoting: impossibly 39586185

Not really a new philosophy to me. I've already achieved everything I need in this area. The human body is a shell. We are all immortal. Some of us are just a bit more efficient about it than others.

I'm not trying to hog the board with my posts, so lemme just say my intention with my statements is not to create hatred or anger towards any religion Christian or otherwise.

Hitler was on the cover of Time magazine shaking hands with the U.S. President while only the "crazy conspiracy theorists" were claiming that there was racial extermination going on.

Racial extermination is a myth. This was the Nazis and the RCC working together to enslave a demon after offering it their human sacrifices.

There is lots of evidence for this. I am not gonna recite it word for word. It's not hard to find, even on the Internet.

The pope at the time hated Jews (not publicly but it is a documented fact) and was therefore eager to support the Nazis. It is likely the Nazi's hate for Jews was mostly a platform to gain support from the Roman Catholic Church.

Everyone was in bed with the Nazis though, so this is not surprising since they were all heroic and philanthropic as far as anyone knew at the time.

The demonizing of Hitler was necessary to motivate the masses to assault the Nazis. All wars have lies to motivate people on all sides. This is all also clearly documented.

The Nazis can tell you all about how immortality is moving from one body to another like a shell. What is hard to find is that Die Glocke worked just fine, but apparently some of these people who move from body to body were called into human bodies to work for the Nazis.

This is all a sketchy area, so I won't say much on it, save to say there are those who still know (if you can find them) and it is entirely possible that the immortals were not on their side at all.

Perhaps they were angry that the people who brought them here lied to them and also that they were quite literally psychotic, and had started a brain washing cult and lied about their philanthropic desires.

However my point is just this... Just because someone is dark or light this does not determine their intentions, motives, or purpose.

People who see things in black and white see the good guys and bad guys backwards at least half the time, because they're seeing in black and white.

The point of saying Hitler did what he did in the name of Jesus is the same point as saying that Hitler shook the president's hand and was endorsed by the Pope.

Everybody is lying to you, that's just how it is, and how it always has been in war for the last 10,000 years. It would be great if this changed.

But my point is Christianity does not have a monopoly on good. They have, in the past, had a monopoly on genocide, and still the RCC has killed more people than the Nazis killed.

A person's religion (or stated religion) does not determine morality. For all you know there are people claiming to be Christians who worship Sama'el.

Demon worshipers are very frowned upon in the Satanic community, as are reverse Christians.

Open your mind.

I'm a French Model too.

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