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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Im going to jump into this. I cant lie and say I read every page here. I read the first ten and last ten. Ive got some buddies in the illuminati. We have different views but he also has knowledge which I do not. They want to start revelations. They believe they will be privlidged by satan.

Moving on... Im not sure about the pegan guy. You seem to know a lot about religious views but you cannot bundle them up as you have been. Im quiet aware of majik. My great grandfather was a warlock, I never met him but my grandmother told me a lot. Shes a Catholic turned Christian because of all the scandals she changed. With my knowledge I believe Jesus was not a magician but the son of God. Hes alsi God in flesh but its way deeper than that. If your familiar with the dead sea scrolls you wohld know truth. Jesus has come in many forms such as Jesus and the son god. Always the same story, Born from a virgin, does miracles in the name of a higher power, gets cruscified, etc. I feel as if youre trying to change everyones views to make them believe Antichrist isnt real to set people up to believe in him when he comes instead of push him away. Hunted becomes hunter scenerio better not be referring to the illuminati. They have millions of members strong. They are brainwashed by the fallen angel. I know the truth and the bible, dead sea scrolls and other ancient text will verify the same facts. Soon we as Vhristians will be hunted and it will get bloody but we must remember the truth and God is the truth. Call him God, Allah or The creator. Hes still the almighty and thise evil ones will perish.
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