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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Well let's hear about that "Offer" and until you elaborate, what you're saying is just JUNK.

GET OVER IT that no one believes you...you haven't posted anything of value other than some drivel about you knowing something that you haven't even stated.

WASTE OF TIME! angryface
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1012473

it is simple, thought you would have figured it out by my post.. Hmm.

Well this is the offer, God wants a representative in the Illuminati. I have no idea why but i speculate that God will use this man somehow, to change the future.

This nobody apparently has God's blessing because he is still alive. If any other person did/said the things that this man did/said, they would have been dead in a nano second. Do not doubt the "nwo" has the ability to kill using brainwashing. Nlp,hypnosis and talking to the subconscious directly, it is a effective way to give a person a heart attack you know? The nwo takes no shit, they will wipe any threat, yet this man lives.

I can not elaborate but let's just say this nobody, this little nothing, has balls of steel. In the beginning he was almost wiped, twice. He survived, now much hangs in the balance.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 960594

Nobody is gonna influence the scumbag psycho paths like John Brennan and his ilk.

No one is gonna stop SATELITE TORTURE and the Gang Stalking rapes of John Hall's female friends.

Not one pussy in law enforcement......bothered supporting civil rights.

Not one punk fag prosecutor at the county, state, or federal levels.

What happened to that baby faced punk JOHN BRADLEY (Williamson County States Attorney in Round Rock, Texas,) after he joined the conspiracy to obstruct justice when he only prosecuted the patsy Michael Keith Moore, when.......that murder went all the way to the NSA TSP CONTRACTORS WHO I IDENTIFIED FROM THE POLICE SKETCHES.........leading to AUSTIN LAWYER WHITTINGTON.....WHO DICK CHENEY SHOT AT THE TEXAS QUAIL HUNT after Cheney got briefed on "how the nobody" tied Dick to this murder.................and what about NSA 902ND COUNTER INTEL GROUP providing the SIGINT AND META DATA TO WHITTINGTON who used "attorney client confidentiality" as a way of creating "plausible deniability" for Dick Cheney and David Addington.

What happened.

Obama puppet and a monkey man punk named Eric Holder took over the conspiracy to obstruct justice.

That's the Gov that military fags protect.
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