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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Endurance and survival instructions for believers going through tribulation, especially mass tribulation, not just individual.

Rev 12v11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

Immediately they take you and do not kill or torture you, start fasting, if they deny you water, get a dry hard object and suck it to keep your saliva and other glands functioning, this should allow you to last longer than the standard without water which is three days.
(meaning you are at least getting water)If in a group the strongest should help the weakest through the initial periods of weakness in fasting generally first 3-7 days, once past that weakness(rest often as you can into strength phases as your body adjust to no solid food intake, the average person given water can readily do a 40 day fast before it becomes starvation and physically destructive to the body, breaking fast is extremely important, for the period that you fasted, is the period again you should refrain from meat/s, this is not hard and fast, but the first 3-7 days should be a liquid diet only, starting with watered down orangejuice if possible first day, and after 2nd-3rd watery vegetable soups, and after that some milk product to reintroduce full beneficial gastrointestinal flora for full food consumption of solidfood)

Once the individual or group gets to the strength phase , you will be ok physically for many weeks, even able to work hard if forced to, the important thing though is to be in prayer continually, and remembering scripture and helping others memorize what ever is verbally available to do so by this manner.
For now we must deal with torture, if they torture you immediately, and other believers know, they should be in prayer and on their knees regularly for whoever is being tortured, if it is only you, you must call upon the Lord and the name of the Lord(YAHshua/Jesus/Jesu etc) aloud( and internally) if not physically verbally restrained, YAH/God(as in HalleuYAH) will supply the necessary grace, to endure to the end, if that means physical death so be it, but the testimonies on this subject are amazing, wonderful, powerful, and continual down the ages, of those who survived and still loved and gloried God afterward as witness and testimony)

If possible in fasting phase, and for the sick, anoint with oil, any will do if oilve is not available, and if no oil is available, bless water, and if no water is available , use and bless your saliva, the anointing, being the Holy Spirit in the main, breaks the yoke amongst many other wonderful things. And fasting will also allow casting out of the worst spirits.

Concentration camp issues.
For those already in the camp following the above, remember, new loads of terrorized individuals into the camp will be distressed, sick, unhappy etc etc, so if you are able to receive rations, keep on taking them, and give them to those in need, this will serve 2 purposes, help the infirm into fasting, and prevent for as long as possible force feeding(if they(whoever is control of the camp) deem to use that method)

To other believer , [please feel free to share this and add to it useful further scriptures and info, far and wide, for the time/s are nearer than when we first believed, Praise Him, for He comes soon, Thank You Father.
 Quoting: FHL(C) nli 43405301

I think you're so convinced this is going to happen before 2050 A.D. that you're ready to give you advice in the present should such a thing be relevant much sooner than that.

Hitler was also compared to the Anti-Christ and references made to correlate what was happening with what was going to happen.

There are people who believe they can create a reenactment of the book of Revelation to achieve their will. I guess it makes sense for them to embed the image of the beast from the book of Revelation on their family seal intentionally because of this faith in what they were and could do...

I personally believe people trying to reenact Revelation on purpose will be wiped out. If the book comes into reality it will not be with scum like that, but hey that's my belief...

That a lot of people are worried of nothing that Nobody has dealt with already...

Nobody believes in last minute miracles anymore I guess?
 Quoting: Loki's Magus

Its always been relevant, ever since the Price of peace was hung on the cross(and rose again), there has not been since that time one year where there has not been war and conflict going on somewhere on the globe, some years worse than others.
For over the last 100 years, a minimum of 100,000 believers have been murdered every year just for the belief and Faith in YAHshua/Jesus(Corrie ten boom suggests that figure is way low and she said that decades ago after much world travel to the persecuted). The US and some other countries till now have been an anomaly , that being no major public persecutions of believers, but that has changed markedly in the last 10 years.
 Quoting: FHL(C) nli 43405301

The interesting thing about wars between angelic and demonic kingdoms that have taken place on other worlds (or planets if you're a little more logic oriented in understanding scripture) in the past is that they happen a lot like wars of religion on this earth...

Inexcusable and seemingly unforgivable acts of malevolence and evil and even betrayal have taken place on pretty much all sides (except Buddhism, which only recently started forcing people to submit to their teachings through law enforcement) and no person really seems eager to acknowledge this is true.

But it's still true.

Calling yourself the victim of anything is pretty much impossible unless your religion is brand new.

I think it must be difficult for people who know these things and not be allowed to discuss them... But in reality Holy Wars of all religions and kinds happen everywhere, even in America, all the time, and death is often the fastest way they end.

The only thing that has changed in the past 300 years is that all power is given first to religions and second to governments. Other than that, the world and all the evil in it is pretty much the same.

What people call a "conspiracy" happening I call nothing short of history repeating itself yet again. The world has hardly changed at all.

This belief that the world is somehow different and better and that things are done differently is not new either. Our ancestors were always told this to as everything remained exactly the same. It's how those who haven't earned the "elite" ability to understand the world are kept in control.

There is nothing new under the sun... Unless there are stars on this earth, so maybe there is hope for humanity after all.

It is a tragedy we live in such a world, but it is the world we live in.
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