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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There is no good or white magick( it stems from evil), especially the way you spell it, you are a crowylyite of some form, and your arrogance and vanity brings to mind aquino and the temple of set.
To openly profess many of the things you do, shows a deception so deep and set, that to describe you as deceived is an understatement, for you are seeking to be an arch deceiver, and as i have already explained you are of your father and this is a second witness for your father is also ther father of lies, how fitting then , you should claim to support/defer to ABC;s that are masters of deceit, you are a special and devious type of shill, one who worms their way into affections. But enough , Thank You Father in YAHshua/Jesus name for this one and all his associates and confederates and associates salvation and deliverance, amen and amen
 Quoting: FHL(C) nli 43576827

Wow, you actually got over half of that right. I'm impressed. Most people have a lot of difficulty understanding me because of their prejudice, but you have someone managed to maintain your inaccurate prejudice of me declare assumptions to be facts and actually have a decent level of accuracy even with your prejudice and bullshit beliefs you have manufactured of me.

This is impressive. Good job! devil6

The deception is a necessary means to an end. I very rarely lie, because the best liars never lie. Timing is everything, and waiting before doing something is important. Believe it or not there are good people out there who do good deeds and suffer to do what is right... Without attaching the name of Jesus to their work.

I never lie about love, I don't do backstabs and betrayals to people I love, and Crowley's inspirations to me are quite different than the others. Crowley was a thief and a lair who stood on the shoulders of giants and took credit for their hard work as his own, but his intelligence and wisdom in his work are hard to go un noticed.

Deniability is a factor in my work, sure. However for the opposite of every reason you claimed.

When you tell people who are strangers you meet over the Internet these things about them which you believe and get so many details wrong have others ever pointed this out to you? When they do would you say you continue the behavior by convincing yourself you are an expert able to read and understand the behavior of others based on whatever Bible verse comes into your head as a reference to them?

Also, I am curious what your perception of my motives for the previous statements I made were. For example did it even occur to you I was speaking from experience, and using empathy to relate to a person who is clearly good and honourable and fighting his own hard battles to try to hopefully send same said helpful advice from my own experiences back to him via messenger?

Or did you see something else completely fictional and made up that causes you to be unable to see any of that?

Please be honest. I love understanding and learning how the mind slaves think, so your answers are important to my research. Don't worry. I'm not mad at you. I have thick skin. happyheart

But thanks for the letter / message to tell me how I am to blame.

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