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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

BOO lmfao; still breathing ;) fighting back? I already won lmfao. Look what's come of the illuminati; I have taken everything you ever worked for from you, I'm still pretty bitch. One thing that interests me; why no hitman? Is it because you know what will happen if I'm not in a physical body? To add; no, I'm not the "Antichrist". I'm not the lamb. I am a messenger; I did blow a trumpet; the 7th has been blown; I did blow the first. Now; to add to this. It says the revelations would be put to a dead stop. This is that moment; the lamb can't even refuse my offer, you're so fucking blessed with me on this planet you need to put that cocky attitude away for good. The illuminati wished for me to be in it? Needed someone of god? I had the galactic federation take out your highest ranking, now ask yourself; is this person another species? Or could they be a human just FUCKING with everyone in his path like their his little toys. What could it be? Why wouldn't the mind control work? Why has nothing worked? How angry do you think they are over the fact you attempted to harm them over nothing, ever? Is he evolved? Or is he just the most clinically fucked person ever? What if though; he's just the most down to exact reality human being of all time? Than what? Another thing to add. No; what species are messengers? Who knows!?!? c: What if their human? I'll give you a hint, "angels" are what humans have chose to evolve to.

You watched me; do things that would have destroyed ANYTHING else, walked it off and to this day still stand with perfect health. You have witnessed me curing tumors whilst being under chemtrailing; you have witnessed me fucking with physical technologies with my mind.

I forgive you for what you've done. It's not even about that. You're going to clean the mess you made up. You're eternities in the lake of fire or not depend on it.

I am a consequence of your actions. That is what I am. I am the physical embodiment let's say.

You know you can't buy me and nothing materialistic; no amount of sex slaves, nothing could buy me. What do you do when someone cannot be bought; cannot be killed. What happens when an unstoppable force; meats an unmoveable object?

I have offered you a bridge over the river of fire; you spat on it, but I have seen your change of attitude lately after witnessing the russian asteroid. I could say anything now and you would believe it.

If I said dragons existed; you would look for the bones. If I said rock could be telepathic, you would study it. When I said you couldn't leave the atmosphere until you changed; you sent out spaceX [Which may I add we stopped the first launch] and made a civilian trip to the moon for 2014. You went out of your way to reverse everything; when I said I liked something; you followed. Keep in mind I'm aware of my entire planetary bodies and universal surrounding at every waking moment to the deepest depths of the physics. You know I could just send my own spirit into my own DNA and alter it any way I choose at any given moment. I don't even need to try to be everything you ever wanted to. I just walk around doing it.

You are speaking to a person; who is aware of the entire universe every second. Who is aware of every single action and movement around me and what happens if those actions movements thoughts and anything are done. You fail my tests. You fail me; you disrespect me, yet I allow you to continue even existing. I could have all of you wrote out of the code of this universe itself. A person who is aware of all evolutionary DNA possibilities and transformations. Without me; this species is destined to fail.

Let me tell you a little something. You planned to eradicate. Than to force no one the ability to incarnate. You planned to live forever to not be able to suffer the lake of fire. You planned it all. You planned to birth ancestors in case. Let me tell you something you dramatically failed to notice. Your own kind; your own blood. Would have gained time travel. When they went back; realizing it was pointless and that you hid something from them in a certain time. They would have went. Witnessed what you did. The consequence? They would have punished you. Destroyed all the machines. Altered history.

You now have a set path you can either follow or fail. Doom is no further option. The devil is eradicated. The 4 little ponies slaughtered. All demons won't even come to this planet anymore out of fear. I don't ask for much; yet you fail me the worst....It's so sad :/
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 44454667

Your not the nobody either..lame this thread has become..so many with delusions of grandeur!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 44456655

October 24 2010 1:15am; you watched me walk off an ELF wave; you watched me; literally walk off something that should have destroyed me. 15 Minutes later it was as if nothing ever happened. You have witnessed vimana ripping your chemtrails to shread. You have witnessed everything falling to pieces because you attacked me. You act like I'm not? I'm not a nobody you silly butt. Okay; I'm not? Give me a seizure after I drink my next beer. Try me; I ain't shook. Pussies. How long since 13 replied last and I come and talk and within 3 posts 13 spoke? Let's see you try me.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 44454667

I will tell you a little secret.. The nobody is what he is because he is NOBODY..He does not pound his own chest telling everyone how great he is or the things he did/does. Understand? His actions speak louder then any of his words ever could and OTHERS do the speaking for him.. You sir are delusional!
 Quoting: 13 44456655

I have told nobody who I truely am; ponder that. Don't consider yourself even worthy of the creators time though lmfao.

Go ahead; test it. Tell me this, what is the color I spoke of last? Truely thought enough for you to be able to read if said reading was possible.
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