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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Your not the nobody either..lame this thread has become..so many with delusions of grandeur!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 44456655

October 24 2010 1:15am; you watched me walk off an ELF wave; you watched me; literally walk off something that should have destroyed me. 15 Minutes later it was as if nothing ever happened. You have witnessed vimana ripping your chemtrails to shread. You have witnessed everything falling to pieces because you attacked me. You act like I'm not? I'm not a nobody you silly butt. Okay; I'm not? Give me a seizure after I drink my next beer. Try me; I ain't shook. Pussies. How long since 13 replied last and I come and talk and within 3 posts 13 spoke? Let's see you try me.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 44454667

I will tell you a little secret.. The nobody is what he is because he is NOBODY..He does not pound his own chest telling everyone how great he is or the things he did/does. Understand? His actions speak louder then any of his words ever could and OTHERS do the speaking for him.. You sir are delusional!
 Quoting: 13 44456655

I see no seizure; I see me surviving. I see no illuminati threat; I see nothing but a bunch of sociopathic nothings thinking their all that. I see nothing and nothing has happened; still nothing happened; still now nothing happened ever in anytime ever. Who knows maybe you're not 13. If you were illuminati you would be shook right now. So; now to finish this off.

Come to me; tommorow; preferably in a old ww2 hummer; I like those. Come speak to me; if you were illuminati you would already have spoke to them. You wouldn't have come so fast. Maybe you're not though. Maybe you're testing if what I said was serious; maybe you're shocked that I'm here right when you're here, and your so lost wondering how I just...did it. Tehe c:

I haven't seen doom. Nothing since I awoke. Maybe you don't know who saiayla truely is; but you will never fuck with saiayala. Ever consider it was me? Ever consider I was alone in it? Who knows. Maybe I'm just that amazing. To many things line up. I also consider the possibility that it's been made to line up and operate around that all moments. No seizure; no fear of illuminati. To many times have I walked off from death like nothing happened. To many things to far our there for you to lie to me.

Who knows; maybe I'm just fucking with you because you're trying to lie.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 44454667

You consider wealth material? Fuck you I can mass generate any material with current human sciences; Even if that said material does not exist in this world. You're a nothing. A nobody. A failure.
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