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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle 12DnAHelix/144
Post Content
Don't give up, we need at least 144,000 Nobodies; minimum ...

You are the One, Neo; each Individuation of the Source of Emanation is.

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise; if you read the Gospel of Mary - it qualifies things in a different way than the canonical gospels saying:

""Christ, the Son of Man, the Child of True Humanity is Within Each""

Thoughts on the Self
[link to www.inner-quest.org]
[link to www.inner-quest.org]
[link to www.inner-quest.org]

The Infinity Institute
[link to www.robertadamsinfinityinstitute.org]

The Illuminati missed their chance and opportunity, as far as this one is concerned; at least those who have been aligned with the agenda as it has been orchestrated up to this point - here now, today.

It's been a failure all the way around, the mode and orientation of the civilization we have developed should be an indicator of this to anyone out there with any semblance or clue as far as reality is truly concerned.

The illuminati should be ashamed of themselves, and especially the Sabbatean Frankists + Jesuits.

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