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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle nueve dos cuatro
Post Content
What if all things; reality,the Universe and everything

are about to change, and everything currently here, including humankind, will be destroyed in the process?

What if the Religions and so forth were made for the sole purpose of keeping the current universe around?
 Quoting: Professor Mobiius 29304118

Not all of humankind will be destroyed. Just put on hold for a bit. Until humans learn to be human again. Yes there will be destruction. All change requires some destruction. There is beauty in decay. Rebirth. Renewal. Hopefully the decay will be kept to a minimum.

All depends on what the new author decides to write in the new book of life.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 44580090

There is an inner and outer circle, crescents... those on the older crescent, at the that time, will dissipate, cease to exist. All things on that ring will be destroyed.

There may be only one being on the new crescent - it is invitation only, and even that is no guarantee, after the the shift, those things put there, those beings, may change to different things with no memory of what they were before.

This is not really a local event. It is not the end of the Earth, it is the end of the Universe/Reality...

It is not a phenomenon that can be stopped or changed, it will occur.

the skies will show it; criss-cross patterns, spirals, colors...flashing lights, loud roaring sounds...
 Quoting: Astraea 29304118

Lol. Universe is not ending. Too easy.
Some beings would rather project their existence will end before paying their karmic debts.

We know that is not true
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