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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Warrior of Truth
Post Content
The illuminatti can try whatever they want to dominate Earth however they will fail.

I and the MANY high spirits sent to Earth by this time will restore order and balance on Earth that I can promise for I work for God and therefore for the benefit of mankind.

May God give to us ALL what we deserve for we are destroying ourselves.

I as an man see the wickedness, fears and delusions which surrounds the planet devouring Nature and it´s creatures, unbalacing the world and the natural Laws and forces created by God for us to fulfill our purpose.

But TRUTH is immutable and TRUTH lies on God so the illuminatti, masons, nazism and other secret societies will FALL, they can hide on their facilities while "the rest" will be left to die ignorant of what is coming, but there will be made JUSTICE, GOD´s JUSTICE.

Man will not be destroyed, but wickedness and evil WILL
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