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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Man From Unkill
Post Content
William Hague as an indication of the twitchiness going on in the dark sphincters right now .. as a so-called Foreign Secretary
working against the wishes of the country he supposedly "serves" (umm that's U.K. .. not Israel) .. and speaking with
increasing regularity on the Zionist BBC disinformation service, as if he were a reporter or the main man on the spot
with all the intel and inside info on the latest in the middle east .. yet he apparently doesnt need to give anybody references
or proof of anything he says because this little egg headed Zionist war stooge is getting an erection as he speaks the words
of who is responsible for the "chemical attacks" .. he can almost sense a war approaching and more blood sacrifices for his dark masters.

When Willian Hague announces so defiantly and deliberately that Bashar Assad is behind the "chemical attacks", what he is really saying,
and it aint even between the lines, .. he is saying - WE DID IT - even though his lips are saying Assad ..
in another replay of the Iraq saga, when any excuse was good enough and had to be trumped up and dug up in some cases as fast as possible before
someone could say ..NO .. or actually INVESTIGATE the finer details of the actual perpetrators of said crimes .. acts.

He is saying WE DID IT - in other words "WE" being his Zionist allied mafia gangster friends of Israel (who aren't really friends of Israelis though,
they just use you to get what they want and then will discard you as they would any of the Muslims and western military forces used in their charades of
world domination.) They are friends -joined at the hip- of Rothschild's ZioNazi Israel - a very different thing - a political mafia animal of darkness,
death and destruction .. a military industrial empire.

Hague joined Friends of Israel at the tender and uninformed, but extremely impressionable age of 15 (can you believe such dedication at only 15).

Hague is the spokespuppet positioned on center stage to appear to make it all legit, so people would say .. oh look the British (and ZioFrench puppets)
are saying Assad is the new Saddam, and he is the bad man who dun it, so it must be real or above board, because they have such "reliable" intel ..you know
NSA and GCHQ mi5, mi6 .. those that "sexed up" the "weapons of mass destruction" dossier ..
or in other words ..LIED to achieve their middle eastern war goals .. ah deja vu .. non? Conservative/Labour/Liberal = Cameron/Clegg/Blair/Brown etc = same ol shit.
Same ROTHSCHILD PAY PACKET. Same mafia gangsters. Same International Terrorists (which includes their israeli mossad and special ops al quaeda forces and so-called
muslim assets currently operating in the middle eastern hotspots)

So Hague makes the statement on air and then the next goal is to make it look like Obama is unwilling, but willing to be convinced by more fake intel
which is aplenty, similar to the plethora of fake Bin Laden tapes floating about in previous years.
The trick to it - as seen by the Zioshills on this board, is to make people belive that Obama is working with and for the Muslim brotherhood, thus to draw attention
away from the giant list of Zionist and dual Israeli/USA citizens which are ACTUALLY in the governmental power-seat, making the ACTUAL decisions about going to war.
Nice little Zio-NWO-deception - put a black man with a muslim sounding name (as fake as it could fucking get) .. even though .. wink wink .. there is also a Ehud Barak
in Israeli government - or used to be prime mini star or some or other impotent shit.)
So when it comes to blame time and pointing fingers at who dunnit, puppets like Hilary Clinton can say - it was the black man, the muslim, and then pretend to become
all holier than thou and patrifukinotic. Cue more race wars and Muslim versus Christian wars, .. meantime the Zionists pretend
to sit on the sidelines and observe, tut tutting and oy veying as they lick their scaly lips at the thought of more fresh meat for
the sacrificial pyre.

Do they really think they can use him as the fall guy so blatantly after igniting a war or three - impeach or assassinate (I am sure that was the plan many a moon ago
might even have already happened), and then they get to keep their jobs and walk away from the scene of the crime pretending they have restored lore n order again.
Good cop bad cop on a hollywood shockingly awe-full scale .. as with all politic shit.
Will Not Work.
Sorry foolish Ziomonkeys.

I saw the carefully constructed depictions floating on this particular site 4 sore I'z .. to make it look as if Obama had appointed 100 Muslims and Imums and mums the word
to control the White House (and you). What a frikkenlikken joke. Even 100 Muslims as assistants and advisors to obama couldn't put a dent in the giant Hindenberg balloon
artifice that is The ZIONISTJewishdualcitizen controlled White House and Hollywood MSMedia etc.
It doesn't matter anyway. Obama is the one they chose to use as a puppet. If he did not comply then they replace him with a look-alike
or two - which is highly likely. That way you blame a black man (or sort of black) and a Muslim (again sort of ,, possibly ,, even slightly Jewish ..but shhhhh), and spend so
much time trying to figure out who he sorta is or isn't and then focussing on impeaching and assasssinating him, that you completely forget to
see that behind the White House curtain, as it was during the Republican years, and before that, was a complete cast of ZionistJews utterly loyal
to Israel - or to be more exact - Rothschilds Mafia Terrorist Group. Lobby groups - a load of shyte from the darkest of night - AIPAC ADL etc
Control groups and minders/managers for the flesh puppets that pretend to be politicians. The lobby is just where they keep the presidential hopefuls waiting in case their number comes up trumps
on the turn of a not-so-friendly card.

ALL the groups whether fronted by a black man or not .. are ZIONISTS not loyal to any specific areas labelled USA, UK, FRANCE etc,
they are all front-men and women who act out plays of action and reaction amidst looped chaos for the same mafia money terrorist
control groups that have been setting up, funding and controlling virtually every war on this planet in recent recorded hisstory.
The same families again and again - interbred and considering themselves "elite". Little more than re-animated puppets themselves.
Do they forget who their dark master is .. was, .. and what about muster .. and where is he then. Why is he not here to help you
complete your little circle of death.
A slight complication to the picture ehz. Rather a new complection on it I would sez.
My paint brush is bigger than yours.

We retyrn to serious reportage of the doomage so eagerly a-weighted:
Israel as the main impetus for war had been trying unsuccessfully to ignite anti-muslim passions and war flames via netanyahu's
constant baying and bleeting for war action in Iran .. for others i.e. non-jewish soldiers to become the diers under sol.
USA and UK allied soldiers to fight the Rothschilds wars for world domination. Nothing to do with peace or democracy.
Purely business where the frontline of soldiers are always the non-jewish pawns .. the same ones they call cattle
and dayz of olde .. peasants. Fodder for their artificial machine.
Where the pecking order is actually artificially reversed within this dark realm .. this black hole of unholies.
Could you stand the change.

Anyway the world largely ingnored Netanyahu (how's the hospital op going by the way "pal"), so they had to "come at it" from a slightly different
angle .. using their UK and USA puppets to call for "action", for war, without even waiting for mandates or UN agreements or
proof of anything. Such is their need for urgency. Such is their fear .. Clear to see.
With their eyes already on Iran, planning their next false flag to enable regime change chaos mechanisms to whip into action.

But this time it is different.

Check your systems, then re-check them again, then check your pulse.

Permission Denied/ Access Denied/ Authority Revoked/ Program Terminated/ Plug Pulled on All Covert OPs//

Fortoon cookie say: You up shit creek with only a small toy plastic paddle of increasingly diminishing size

Creeks wait for no man or woman.
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