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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Man From Unkill
Post Content
Let us look at this Zionist puppet war-monger a little closer shall we and see who else is in the gang:

William Jefferson Hague, FRSL MP (born 26 March 1961) is a British politician, who is the current Foreign Secretary and First Secretary of State.[1] He served as Leader of the Conservative Party from June 1997 to September 2001. In Parliament, he has represented the constituency of Richmond (Yorks) since 1989.

In the 2005 Conservative leadership election Hague backed eventual winner David Cameron.

Hague is the chairman of the Team 2 Thousand donor club, a society for donors to the Conservative party.

He is a member of Conservative Friends of Israel, a group which he joined when he was 15

In February 2012 Hague warned in a BBC interview about Iran's "increasing willingness to contemplate" terrorism around the world. He cited an attempt to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States, plus alleged involvement in recent attacks in New Delhi, Georgia, and Bangkok. He said it showed "the danger Iran is currently presenting to the peace of the world".[53]

Hague told the Commons on 20 February that if the Tehran regime managed to construct a viable weapon, its neighbours would be forced to build their own nuclear warheads too. He accused Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of pursuing "confrontational policies" and described the country's enrichment of uranium in defiance of United Nations Security Council resolutions as "a crisis coming steadily down the track". "Our policy is that whilst we remain unswervingly committed to diplomacy, it is important to emphasise to Iran that all options are on the table", Hague told the MPs

Julian Assange and right of asylum
August 2012 William Hague stated Julian Assange, from Wikileaks organisation, would not get political asylum from United Kingdom.[58] Hague declared his intentions to extradite Assange and deliver him to Swedish authorities
Hague stressed the British government's position that it is lawfully obliged to extradite Julian Assange. "We're disappointed by the statement by Ecuador's Foreign Minister today that Ecuador has offered political asylum to Julian Assange.

His position on Snowden is even more extreme and outspoken. He recently stated that it was right and proper
to detain the Guardian journalist Greenwald's partner for 9 hours and also to destroy .. physically ..the computer of the Guardian newspaper's editor, which was said to contain
a copy of Snowden's material. The order to destroy this incriminating evidence appears to have come direct from Downing Street and Camerons office.
A real sense of fear emanating from "Browning" Street recently, because they know just how much they have to hide and how much is at stake if the world ever gets to see them as
they truly are and what they have done to innocent civilians, their own people (yeah not quite their own ..eh),
..they are quite literally .. DONE AND DUSTED.
Hague feels that the material threatens the national security of Britain (now what could that be) and they have the right to destroy or do anything it takes to remove that threat - in other
words treat anything and anyone as a terrorist threat to their power, without proof or even viewing said documants
without public trial, without even a word, .. journalist, free thinker, non-combatant .. a terrorist suspect guilty until proven innocent .. yet actually no trial and no means or public forums
offered in which to prove anything .. Silent Weapons for Silent Killing - Silent Spectrum - the secrets of microwave warfare - r.f. tech and directed energy for starters.

This is the exact way they treat so-called dissidents and political comentators who get too close to truth, and freedom fighters too close to freedom,
or activists about to activate (peacefully). Whistleblowers and "Truthers" or questioners of authority and official story lines, even if they just post on message boards or exchange emails
and materials of research. They think they have the right to unlawfully detain, directly interfere with or kill people like this, anyone they please, using whatever black project
unlawful covert means thay have at their disposal. They operate above/without the bounds of manmade laws, but NOT above the Higher ACTUAL Laws of DIVINATION
which will be right there when least expected to crush their worthless powers, and that is what strikes fear into their souless hearts.
THEY ARE DEAD WRONG if they think that they have the power or the right to do any of the things which they do and have done under the falsified guise of national security.

regarding this little "right" to destroy or do "anything" it takes to remove that threat ..

It is not a one way street.

Lets look at the activities of the Conservative Friends of Israel
and please remember that each U.K. party - Labour,Liberal Dem etc has their own friends of Israel club
W.T.F. you say eh?

Conservative Friends of Israel
Labour Friends of Israel ----- which of course includes former Brit P.M. War Crim. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown (och aye who's yer wee paymaster me old matey)
Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel
Northern Ireland Friends of Israel
European Friends of Israel
Friends of Israel Initiative

The group's 2005 strategy identified the following areas of activity: supporting Israel, promoting the British Conservative Party, fighting terrorism, combating anti-semitism, and promoting peace in the Middle East

fighting terrorism, combating anti-semitism, and promoting peace in the Middle East
mmm not much about helping or protecting people on British soil, or keeping Britain British and not so Brutish somewhat eh wot .. I guess you gotta keep those priorities in order eh
Can't be everywhere at all times eh .. got so much anti-semitism work to do out there in the world, ya can barely squeeze an hour or two into looking to see if the home fires are still burning
But ah yes that is the burning question .. indeedy the burning bush .. what is home to you .. yes hmmm .. the real question
and it might or mightn't be a tricky one
but if you get it wrong .. oh boy .. and then sum ,,
promoting peace in the Middle East
Is that farken laughable on the floorable or what. The terrorists ..sorry regime changers .. promoting peace in the Middle East
I saw how well that worked in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yeah right .. bunch of plucked n stuffed turkeys.
Oh yes Tony Blair was the man for the job of middle east peace envoy .. en-vey oye vaaaay and muzzled toff
it all starts making sence now .. Aahz bin soow blinded.
No wonder he ended up getting so much 'ployment from them private banking groups. It makes such cents .. Peace and money lending/hoarding/killing in the name of ..,
Plenty of room for man hoovering around a bouts those dark wart errs.
like a wart off a ducks back.

Bottom line in supporting Israel, their master's pet project .. Israel to them comes first, before the United Kingdom
before the United States, before the rest of Europe etc. Before Humanity as a whole.

Conservative Friends of Israel, abbreviated to CFI, is a British parliamentary group affiliated to the Conservative Party and dedicated to strengthening business, cultural and political ties
between the United Kingdom and Israel. CFI is an unincorporated association

It was founded by the late Conservative MP for Bury and Radcliffe, Michael Fidler. It is currently chaired by Stuart Polak. The Parliamentary Chairman is James Arbuthnot,
the Parliamentary President is Baroness Shephard of Northwold. The Vice Chairmen are John Butterfill and James Clappison, the Secretary is David Amess, the Officers are Alistair Burt,
Lee Scott, and Theresa Villiers, and the Chairman of CFI Europe is Timothy Kirkhope.

According to the Channel 4 documentary Dispatches Inside Britain's Israel Lobby around 80% of Conservative MPs are members of the CFI.
In 1995 Conservative politician Robert Rhodes James called it "the largest organisation in Western Europe dedicated to the cause of the people of Israel".


And below, David Camoron UK Prime Minister .. as he kisses the Rothschild ass - no don/key jokes please your eminAnts:

CFI annual business lunch: David Cameron, then newly elected leader of the Conservative Party, addressed the CFI annual business lunch on 30 January 2006, whose audience included half of the Conservative Parliamentary Party.
As part of his speech, he stated "I am proud not just to be a Conservative, but a Conservative friend of Israel; and I am proud of the key role CFI plays within our Party. Israel is a democracy, a strong and proud democracy,
in a region that is, we hope, making its first steps in that direction."

Members of Conservative Friends of Israel include: (other than David Cameron and his public school inbred chums)

James Arbuthnot MP
Graham Brady MP
Alistair Burt MP
James Clappison MP,
Iain Duncan-Smith MP
Liam Fox MP
Mike Freer MP
William Hague MP
Robert Halfon MP
Richard Harrington MP
Lord Stanley Kalms
Malcolm Rifkind MP

Ah yes Liam Fox former defence minister caught red handed taking orders from unknown shadowy Iraeli friends in the night .. had to be on that list.
Hope the pay will be worth it in the end. It is doubtful.
Oh aye wee laddie.
Not so much.

And there are so many others not listed here that are all part of the same puppetry of the Zionist dark hand,
puppetry slick enough to fool the average 3 year old with prescribed attenshin deficit diss odour.
Those on the payroll of the Rothschild mafia and Industrial shrekandgnaw Machine. So many active names not listed .. not enough space, not enough time.
People like Ken Clarke and Peter Mandelson not listed above, yet good Bilderbergers they b, working deep in the bowels of the very same dark machine
waiting for a payoff that never comes. Others like "lord" Carrington who now apparently works for Kissinger and co.
Bad pennies always seem to turn up. Always they travel in small circles .. easy to spot.
As they gather in Chatham House brothel and gambling den of iniquity, fluffing each others fake feathers and caressing their gargantuan egos with the bedside manners of true war veterens, though they always securely "fought"
from behind padded thick velvet curtains, with another's hand, holding only aces, over the haunting soundtrack of Zebig Brzezinski lovingly detailing the latest drollest Zionist chessboard plan to
fool the "sheep" once more, all over again, and lead them all to the slaughterhaus .. even .. get them to
lead themselves .. and not notice the pens are not those of ink anymore, and the dead are not just those of the "enemy"
anymore ..
until too late.


And then again when they appear overconfident and reckless in their actions there is probably more to it than the superficial

Could it be that we have proceeded along the threats from international terrorism
to the threats from asteriods/comets
and now they are trying to establish conditions to provoke or lure non-earth forces
into a trap - where they plan on making it appear that the external forces are part of an alien attack
Using their own weapons on the people and blaming it on alien forces
A fear fest of chaos where they could make it very difficult to tell where the attacks were coming from
a way to make you distrust and fear any forces that are here now to actually remove the scum from this planet

distinctly the smell of a trap .. set up .. convergence of forces that aint just about ww3 and middle east dominance
it is more about ancient times and ancient things unspoken
and mass population reduction through artificial means
There are external forces here to make sure this does not happen

Are these current "leaders" so foolish as to not realize how out of their depth they are.

All the other false flag events leading up to this
They think they got away with all of them as dodgy as they were virtually unchallenged apart from conspiracy people that
have then become targets .. and now they have gained confidence that they can pull off the grand deception using the "fancy"
hidden tech. We have been leading up to this much much larger false alien attack scenario. It was always on the cards.
just a matter of when. Alignments /energies / projects completed and in place etc.

there is a reason HAARP info was taken off line and they pretended to shut it down as with CERN
It is running right now , they think they have everything all prepared and in place

The timing of the admittance to the existence of Area 51, the release of the info about NSA spying
all timed .. set up .. for them to play the good guy - savior military force in a staged but real drama .. as the real "good" forces appear,
they plan on creating destruction and fear with their star wars system - microwaves / scalar beams / directed energy
Tesla death ray - burning bodies as they have already done via field tests in Lebanon and elsewhere via Israeli military
and USA military tests in Iraq war theatre. The nano tech through aerial spraying anfd other delivery vectors is there to make you interact with their
technology and to help them control you via frequency weapons - mind control - body control
They have the tech to make it look like an alien attack. while they are doing the attacking themselves
The satelite star wars system is in place and is controlled through installations like Pine Gap in Australia
but there are many bases already mapped out and heavily monitored

They like to lump all these doom scenarios together - mid east wars with horrific footage just by coincidence shot by
a filmaker, not just a regular journalist, along with fears of comets and Nibiru, virus etc ..
They want you to look and feel sick and feel fear .. it is the frequency which disempowers you and enables their deception to take full hold of your physical senses
which will fool you into thinking you are helpless against a superior force. That IS NOT THE CASE AT ALL.
Keep reminding yourselves at times of attacks that your physical senses are only the physical manifestations/projections of your TRUE SELF
They can not touch your Higher Self through your physical vessel, BUT YOU CAN TOUCH THEM via your seemingly powerless
flesh vehicle. They spent so very long putting you down, mking you feel as if you were a slave and unable to fight back
because they know that you are far more powerful than them. Beyond conception and description even. they do not actually understand it really. they are virtual children that never grew up.
Amongst you are many that are not linked with a Soul Power and they might be used as puppets to create chaos and turmoil
or even used as suicide bombers or "shooters" as they have no internal method to know what is right and wrong.
They are easily controlled by technology. Do not get to enmeshed with those types if you feel they are working against you.
Many are already experiencing this problem at the moment. Some you just have to walk away from or they will possibly cause
the lowering of your vibrational field and internal protections. Do not worry anyway.If you knew who you were you would know what to do.
Would you let yourself down if you knew what to do. No. Your Higher Self knows what to do and will not let you down. This is beyond trust. You can not mistake your own Higher
Animating Soul energy from that of technology creating voices in your head or religious programming being channeled externally. You WILL be guided but it might be confusing to
some and the strong ones will have to help them to feel safe in their own power and not keep looking for external religious or authority figures beconning them or offering protection.

Do not forget these microwave/frequency weapons will play havoc with your senses. Even the most discerning will have to be very strong mentally
to fight back against a very powerful technology .. BUT IT IS POSSIBLE .. TECHNOLOGY NEVER WILL BE ABLE TO OVER-RIDE OR
BEAT WHAT YOU HAVE ACCESS TO INTERNALLY .. SPIRITUALLY .. DIRECT CONNECTION. Soul Power - LIGHT - Connection to the VERY SOURCE. The dark cockroaches will understand this soon enough.
Right now they still seem to doubt the power of tne Forces available to Humanity at this time/stage and also how carefully their actions are being monitored.
You think the NSA can see things. You know nothing of things which are really "seen" heard and felt inside out .. top down.
This place is truly like kindergarten for dummies. It has been degraded and dumbed-down purposely to keep you here and harness your energy over and over .. generational generators.
You need to extract yourself from this Mind Body and Soul as they say .. to really be free. I don't mean physical death of course as those of
you who think you know it all, think you know.

Your perceptions and technologies are like a black and white line drawing on a flat piece of paper
compared to a multi-dimensioned holographic-like (in spacial percept terms) thought-form projection which is ALIVE and able to transverse all boundaries at will
beyond your simple ideas of time and space without even really thinking, as if trying to move a mountain kinetically but not over-thinking it or breaking into a sweat over it.
As easy as abc or xyz. Or is it. You will know soooon.

Do you really think you can fool Beings of this experience for even a nano-second at any level .. and how in hell would you hope to actually
win against something you don't even understand from the most basic stand-point/level.
Of course you underestimate everything that you can not estimate correctly or coherently or even remotely.
What you sense is closer in estimation than anything else, but will not serve you if you hold negative purpose within.

Lets see you try and flex those puny "muscles" you dark clowns of the insane clone posse.
Lets see those painted frozen fake smiles become frozen frowns, then lets wash off all that make-up and see what lies underneath all the gunk.

Naybe it is "time" for us to have a good laugh as everything you clowns and clones planned for so long is ended in
a time frame, speed .. velocity and strength (a certain power ratio as you might understand it where x = the middle finger),
.. that will make your head spin .. verily.

This time it is for keeps of course. You wish to play with the "big boys", expect to get hurt very badly and much worse,
just for starters. I don't like bullies or thugs. This will be demonstrated graphically.
Expect the end of games and chess boards and silly childish nonsence which pervades the imbecilic thoughts of the morons which walk this realm of madness
as if they were masters of humanity and all else upon this material form. No, you remain parasites leaching off others. Your behaviour illustrates this very well to this very day.

Try It Then. We Are Waiting. Always Prepared. Multiple Angles .. or is that Angels I forget.

Many Surprizes Await You.

Forces of Light Standing By ........
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