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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle eurydicekingstone
Post Content

Then what are index cards with words written on them? That also works.

Ban index cards and pencils!!!

I won't turn this shit thread into anything useful like Tarot. Paper and pencil is scary. :)
 Quoting: AkashicRecord

Ban everything that isn't prefaced with "PRAISE THE LORD, Praise Jesus, Jesus loves you so you should read the bible, accept Jesus Now, Don't let Satan deceive you and drag you to hell, pray to Jesus Now...

If it isn't doesn't fit in with the christian motifs and memes, then it is inherently evil and will deceive you and send you to HELL!
 Quoting: ADSR

lol, if you feel that way.

we're not christian, we're just smarter than tarot.
 Quoting: eurydicekingstone

read my other post...I said you sound like an evangelical, not that you were.

Smarter than Tarot? What does that mean? Are you aware of what you are even talking about? You are demonstrating your ignorance.

Why don't you go do your own research, instead of listening to zealots than are misinformed and clueless. That way you'd do all a favor.

Either that, or just shut your face now.
 Quoting: ADSR

okay, let me be REALLY specific for your dumb ass.

we're not religious.

you used 'what does that mean' and 'your ignorance' in the same paragraph. ironic.

i've done plenty of research, even used to use tarot, and probably got similar or better results than other people who use it. however, i grew up a little, found myself a little more, and came to some realizations about it, including that tarot is unnecessary, and often detrimental to personal growth and knowledge (and yes, that includes magical knowledge if you need that specified too).

i really think if you applied your opinion of religitards to the use of tarot, you would realize something similar to what i did:

ritual magic is to self expression
as religion is to spirituality
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