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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

You have no idea what I use, or do. So show me how you are 'correct.'
 Quoting: AkashicRecord

you said you use tarot cards.

i am correct in saying you are using symbols/ideas you didn't personally create.

your argument is invalid.
 Quoting: eurydicekingstone

And yours seems ridiculous.

In this thread we argue the right to use symbols that we didn't create, like circles, triangles, numbers and letters.
 Quoting: AkashicRecord

you use the images of a man that contracted syphilis.

and shot heroine.

you dont see the flaw in this or why he would do this?

the law is love.

he love alright, but not the real love.
 Quoting: orpheuskingstone

The love your type likes to talk about, but never demonstrate. Go figure, typical antics from religious zealots.

Tarot goes back 1000s of years, Crowley was just a student of the Golden Dawn...Jewish Mysticism.

Now how about you do some research and discuss this topic with some integrity. Go ahead, turn a new leaf, give a try.

Your old tactics fail, so learning something and thinking for yourself won't hurt.
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