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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle orpheuskingstone
Post Content
and try reason and logic before you ask clouds why it rains.
 Quoting: orpheuskingstone

Reason-n-logic was a prior handle for me on this religious forum (used to be conspiracy forum).

Your types like reason and logic, only when it serves your purpose...then you go back to being irrational and illogical.

Your rhetoric betrays you, you pretend to be rational and logical, but have failed to demonstrate it yet.

I see right thru you, as you are so transparent.
 Quoting: ADSR

talking to the two of you is like trying to argue with high-schoolers. they don't give up, and nothing they say makes sense enough to make a response worth it.

grow up, douchebag.

there are things to learn once you think you have mastered reason and logic. and i can guarantee you haven't if you still use tarot.
 Quoting: eurydicekingstone

Maybe it is because you guys haven't said anything really useful to make your point, just attack, attack, whine, whine.

A: I don't like cake.
B: Fuck you!
 Quoting: AkashicRecord

are you with us in peace?

this is what we work for.

the tarot is a toll for manipulation, its just that i cant waste all my time because i am fighting monumental amounts of trolls that want our president to be someone he is not.

a man who broke his handlers hold and is working for peace.

the tarot is a chain that binds us, would you shackle yourself willingly?

of course not.

think em, or stfu, i dont want to be your enemy, but i will be, and you dont want that.

i am a poet too.
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