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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle eurydicekingstone
Post Content
Well, you started the fight, and I'm game.

You called for truce, and I'm game.

Your point about 'kbowledge' is given.

OK, let's start over.

My point on 'ritual magic' is that it is pretension and artifice
Therefore, not worthwile and as you noted, not genuine to true self expression. That point is also a given if you wish.

I'm also into Jungian psychology, and approach Tarot from that angle, and that angle only. All others are defective.

I'll argue my points for myself, and not defend others in their use of Tarot as religion. That is something we also probably agree with.

I agree, if it just a pissing match, then what's the point?

thank you for being willing to drop it right now.


what other interests do you have that aren't tarot?

like, name 2 or 3 maybe
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