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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle eurydicekingstone
Post Content

you know, maybe our ideas of rationality are a lot more alike than it seemed at first. it's hard to demonstrate rationality when in a discussion that has any amount of hostility. it wasn't my intent to be hostile toward you, i actually thought it was coming across that i was sharing a philosophical thought. but i guess i haven't mastered that.

i actually agree with quite a few of your points, i just think some of them are incorrectly directed at me because this happened to be our first conversation, and i happened to be defending the idea that maybe tarot isn't that great.

let's maybe try to start over a little bit? this has turned into an insult war, which goes nowhere and isn't worth my time imo.

you said "We probably agree on this...ritual magic does seem rather ridiculous, and if that is the detrimental part, then I agree with you on that."

also, when i say 'knowledge' i mean something more parallel to information, not conclusions.

if we start there, i think there won't be much to attack each other over anymore.

 Quoting: eurydicekingstone

Well, you started the fight, and I'm game.

You called for truce, and I'm game.

Your point about 'kbowledge' is given.

OK, let's start over.

My point on 'ritual magic' is that it is pretension and artifice
Therefore, not worthwile and as you noted, not genuine to true self expression. That point is also a given if you wish.

I'm also into Jungian psychology, and approach Tarot from that angle, and that angle only. All others are defective.

I'll argue my points for myself, and not defend others in their use of Tarot as religion. That is something we also probably agree with.

I agree, if it just a pissing match, then what's the point?
 Quoting: ADSR

thank you for being willing to drop it right now.


what other interests do you have that aren't tarot?
 Quoting: eurydicekingstone

I'm more interested in the work of Carl Jung than tarot itself. Without Jung, I'm completely disinterested in tarot, just to clarify that issue.

I'm also interested in Wolfgang Pauli's work, as a quantum physicist and his work with Jung.

From my perspective, Quantum Mechanics is the real deal, it is where physics and metaphysics meet.

So I'm basically greek thought + Jung + QM, with a study of eastern and western philosophy.

How about yourself?
 Quoting: ADSR

very cool. psychology is something i've studied quite a bit, and i have a lot of interest when it comes to quantum physics and mechanics, however i'm more of a beginner there. it's interesting though, learning such different subjects and still finding such real parallels, if you know what i mean.

i like philosophy, but i'm quite a bit more picky with it than other subjects, so i don't often delve into conversations based solely on that premise.

i have a lot of interest in health, especially natural and alternative health. also something i don't often discuss online, but am quite learned in and passionate about.
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