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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle &Co
Post Content
Well, well, well...

Lesser Nobodies are to be taught. But to use the term "taught" is not accurate.

And yes, to be frank most I have seen during my whole stint in "gathering the flowers" are merely decoys. I am not saying decoys put by the Illuminati. Still to find a gem is well. To try to turn a rock into a gem is to upset Equilibrium. That I agree with. There is more to turning a rock into a Gem than making it shine thought. And it is the Job only undertaken by the Rock itself.

There never should be tales to be told. People, should live.

I leave it to the... ah... Discriminating reader to unravel the meaning of such phrase.

The talk about remembering and forgetting is in itself the irony of what is to be stopped here but that shall be for another type of instructive conversation.

There is no witness, and will never be. The very Idea is disturbing. One should never give specialty, it is given by each to each.

All I see here is a hornet who has made herself comfortable in a bee hive. Pity.

Science and Orderly Existence is not to be sought by "soldiers" whose main job to is reset the program.

Responsibility is merely failure. One is responsible for himself. To take responsibility for merely "advancing others" is destructive, not to balance but to the others.

The purpose is merely to get knowledge back to its channels, then go back. It seems to me that someone, an unwilling old crone in a candy store, will be dragged back. It will be embarrassing but necessary.

Shirking your duty is one thing, and compromising and making it go too far is another thing completely.

The &Co part was very inspiring, even more, to you at least, what the &Co taught you.

Enjoy relaxing on the shores of Miami. It will not last.

If I ever see another &Co post I will no be so kind and understanding.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1309230

Ok, now I think I fully understand the meaning of all it, apart from the gathering, for what and why?. I didn't mean witness with any speciality - just the literal definition, no biblical scripture or symbolism involved.

I wanted to see if I could pull you out of the woodwork and if somehow that was all just a fluke, or accurate for a reason. As for the threat, well we get tons of those and none have ever seen it through when asked, so bring it on.
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