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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle emperor caboose
Post Content
Ok sure....anybody can post to themselves.

I leave you alone.
 Quoting: rekameohsnad

Hahaha unlike you I do not assume things are about me, I just post outward good content. Your lack is sufficient, yes please do go. However, if ever you post info about the world, or perhaps, analysis, you will have cred with me bro.

But this is fully relevant since in 1863 the Washington Monument was only a dream half built --even Indian tribes put stones in the base of it, but it took the RAILSPLITTER to link both coasts and kick out the Romans, hehe, but as soon as he was dead (the very week they lost the war) they kiled him and shackled the world with bank crashes.

America would have been great if Abe had lived, a true place where confession booths were not needed or wanted.
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