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Message Subject 9 Oil/Gas Leaks, 6 Blowouts -- BP Disaster
Poster Handle Benjamin
Post Content
"Oil and or natural gas leaks (red and yellow columns) mapped by Thomas Jefferson, and by Gordon Gunter (purple cylinders)"

Gordon Gunter is another research vessel, like the Thomas Jefferson. They are both using similar techniques to explore the area around Macondo.

It seems there is a high correlation between the two as to where the other 'oil seeps' are.

Problem is we don't know the scale of this map.

Are those other oil seeps a few hundred feet away or several miles away?

Is that mound the oil seeps are coming from a few hundred feet wide or 20 miles wide?

Is that mound the oil seeps are coming from the reported upwelling in the sea floor measuring 20 miles by 6 miles that they fear is full of natural gas and could explode?

How big are these 'oil seeps'.

Are they much bigger than the Macondo well itself?

More information is needed.
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