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Message Subject 9 Oil/Gas Leaks, 6 Blowouts -- BP Disaster
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Out of curiosity, when did the first blowout occur?

I understand that what we all saw on TV on 4/20 was a relief well for the original.

I think back in February

at least that is what has been reported in certain articles

that info was based on government permits and documents

there has been some very good investigative journalism on this issue mainly by citizen journalists and other alternative or independent journalists, but you won't get the full story on the tube

it sure seems to me that GLPers are not FACING all of the data that has been dug up

i fear a LOT of people are going to die or be horribly displaced

i think this could actually be what starts the end of the world as we know it


Anybody catch this thread?

Thread: Day 88 / Hitler

Ties in with Operation Plowshare - which just may be used tomorrow as it is also the anniversary of the Trinity nuclear test.
 Quoting: Rev. Mother Nene

went and read it
very ominous
there are some sick minds at work in this world
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