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Bigelow Aerospace - Skinwalker Ranch - Pulsating spherical ball of light UFO's witnessed over the Ranch

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07/03/2010 04:00 PM
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Bigelow Aerospace - Skinwalker Ranch - Pulsating spherical ball of light UFO's witnessed over the Ranch
A pulsating spherical ball of light.

The light appears bluish to a yellow green glow. The light it casts is not extremely bright but will cast light on objects immediately surrounding the orb. Typically there is more than 1 orbs gathered. They have the ability to hover and make no noise. There appears to be no physical shape supporting these orbs. A characteristic feature is that they will pulsate their light intensity for a matter of seconds growing extremely bright, and then fading away to nothing as if the object simply vanished. Apparently these have been witnessed during the day but are more visible at night. Have been seen transforming into other animal shapes and is suspected of having the ability to transmorph into the shape of local living animals. Can affect other electrical objects and knocked out the power to the ranch house. Shift between a visible and invisible state as they pulsate on and off.

These are intelligent and purposeful like in nature. I suspect they are some sort of transportation vehicles for another intelligence or the drones for this intelligence. They have a role of observing. They are unique in that they appear almost curious about any humans they come across. They seem to easily detect your presence, and may be influenced by meditative thoughts/requests. I believe their function is to observe, report, and to transport either consciousness, or actual entities within them, as if some form of vessel. This is the most interactive of all the anomalies on the ranch and will pursue and entertain its viewers.

The flash drones tend to take on a more interactive role if the observer is alone. Possess the ability to generate a state of uncontrollable "panic" in those targeted, Witnessed working in groups in a predator/prey fashion. The sensation of being hit by one is described as being hit by a high velocity warm water balloon. The after effects of which immediately evaporate away. However a state of depression typically follows lasting for days to weeks.

Although speculative, the light may only travel in a light-off configuration. When the light is visible, the object appears stationary, however it disappears, only to reappear in a different location. This postulates that the light may possibly be "phasing" in and out from one location to the next.

Duration - 1 to 45 minutes

Artificial or biological like intelligence. Potentially an animal like intelligence.

The light radiated is seen in a 180 degree manner and does not cast light behind.

[link to www.skinwalkerranch.org]

NIDS was reborn and became Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) by the way.

The Hunt for the Skinwalker

The True Story of What Happened when Science Confronted
Anomalies at a Ranch in Rural Utah

by Colm Keller PHD - NIDS/Bigelow Aerospace Scientist
and George Knapp

A picturesque ranch in a remote
corner of Utah just might rank as
the weirdest place on Earth. UFOs,
animal mutilations, Bigfoot sightings,
poltergeist activity, Native American witchcraft,
and assorted monsters, beasts, and apparitions
have been reported on the property by
dozens of people for half a century or more.
This concentration of so-called paranormal
phenomena, in one location over an extended
period of time, offered an opportunity for
an unprecedented and courageous scientific
undertaking, a study that is every bit as interesting
as the strange events that unfolded on the
allegedly cursed acreage.

The National Institute for Discovery Science
was, and is, a unique organization. Created and
led by billionaire visionary Robert Bigelow, the
purpose of NIDS was to apply the full force
and precision of scienti
ic methodology and
technology to investigate anomalies. Anomalies
here include the elusive unidentied flying object
field as well as investigation of unexplained
paranormal phenomena.

Hunt for the Skinwalker, published in December
2005, is a blow by blow account of an in-depth
investigation by NIDS into a ranch in rural Utah
that appeared to be a Grand Central Station for
all manner of weird and bizarre phenomena, some
lethal and others just downright scary. The ranch
is located in an out of the way part of North-East
Utah known as the Uinta Basin. It is a beautiful, if
barren, area with a population of devout Mormons
living side by side with several hundred members
of the Ute tribe. The ranch in question is essentially
surrounded by the Ute reservation. The tribe has
long believed that the property is “in the path
of the Skinwalker”, an evil presence capable of
changing its shape and manipulating human minds.
The alleged Skinwalker curse that surrounds the
property provides a blanket explanation among
the Utes for the smorgasbord of bizarre activity
that’s been seen on the property for more
than a century.

In late 1994, the Gorman family purchased
and moved onto the 480-acre ranch that had
been abandoned for almost seven years. The
family was looking for an idyllic spot where they
could raise their eighty registered black Simintal
and Angus cattle for auction. The Gormans were
experts in the artiicial insemination of cattle and
in the manipulation of bloodlines to produce
purebred, show-quality animals that routinely
sold for many thousands of dollars each. This
was no casual ranching operation: the Gormans
took it personally if even a single animal was lost
during a year.

Within a few months of moving onto the
property the family began to see strange yellow
lights moving among their cattle, above their
home, even outside their windows. Valuable
cattle began to disappear without a trace. Others
were found dead, butchered with precision by
unknown forces, often missing internal organs
and drained of blood. Who was killing their
prized livestock? Neighbors with a vendetta? Or
could the mysterious surgeries have some sort
of connection to the unidentiied lights that were
so often seen at night in the Gormans’ pastures?
At the same time the family saw huge wolves
that made fleeting appearances over a period
of weeks and then disappeared altogether.
They saw Bigfoot-like creatures prowling their
property, heard the ominous growls of large
but unknown animals, and were nauseated
by overwhelming musk odors generated by
unseen beasts that caused cattle, horses, and
dogs to cower and panic. Simultaneously, the
family encountered silent
lying refrigerator-
shaped objects that seemed at home on
the ranch.

As the weeks passed, they experienced
Poltergeist activity in their home. Doors would
slam open in the middle of the night. Areas of
their pasture would suddenly light up after
midnight although they could never pinpoint the
source of light. Objects would disappear from
their home and end up in the washing machine,
the microwave oven, in tree branches, or other
unusual locations. They routinely observed
bright-blue baseball-sized orbs that effortlessly
maneuvered around their property and had the
effect of dimming the lights in the ranch house
whenever they came close. The family witnessed
strange clouds filled with exploding silent lights
above their home, like scenes from a Steven
Spielberg movie. They heard disembodied
voices laughing and mocking them in some
incomprehensible language. They heard metallic
banging when they went out for walks at night, as
well as the muffled sounds of gigantic machinery
emanating from the ground. Tom Gorman
began to crawl around in the dead of night in
chilly winter conditions trying to catch whatever
perpetrator was killing his cattle and conducting
such a ruthless exercise in psychological warfare
against his increasingly fearful family.
Gorman’s teenage kids, who had been
straight A students, began to bring home Cs and
Ds in their report cards. As time went on and
sleeplessness began to catch up with the family,
they began to huddle together in the living room
of their homestead, sleeping together for safety
in case something came out of the darkness to
attack them. One time as Tom Gorman lay in the
freezing snow watching for any unusual activity,
he saw a silent miniature version of the F-117
aircraft moving slowly above the snow as if it was
searching for something. The silent craft was no
more than twenty feet above the ground and was
emitting some dazzling “disco-like” lights on the
snow. After Tom stretched his aching bones, the
craft suddenly turned towards him as if it heard
the sound. It then slowly
flew out of his vision.

On another quiet evening Ellen Gorman was
shadowed by a huge black triangular craft that
paced thirty feet above the car as she drove
fearfully towards her homestead. Throughout
1994, and continuing on through 1995 and 1996,
the Gormans were stalked by something that
they could not explain. Something that invaded
their privacy, killed their prized cattle and
seemed to be able to anticipate their every move.
Ellen Gorman began to believe that whatever
“intelligence” was on their property could read
her mind and seemed to be toying with her in a
calculated attempt at driving her insane.
In summer 1996, after Tom Gorman lost
his three favorite cattle dogs when they were
incinerated by a small, blue baseball sized
flying orb that appeared to be under intelligent
control, his family eventually wore him down and
persuaded him to sell the property. The family
just wanted to get away from the nightmare that
was terrorizing them. In August of 1996, NIDS
purchased the property and the Gorman family
gratefully moved to another location about 25
miles away where they could begin to catch up
on sleep, and stop having their lives subjected to
such a continuous, brutal series of nasty attacks.
In summer 1996 NIDS hired several
mainstream scientists, including a veterinarian,
as full time research employees and together
with a 16 member science advisory board
culled from the top levels of government labs
and academia, began the process of creating a
laboratory of the paranormal on the remote
ranch in Utah. Tens of thousands of dollars
worth of equipment was deployed on the
property and a command and control center
was set up staffed by scientists round the
clock. During 1997 NIDS hired additional
investigators to complement the scientific staff.

By then, NIDS had become a relatively large
and completely unique organization in that they
were fully funded to the tune of millions of
dollars, they were staffed by full time professional
scientists and they employed several seasoned
investigators. This impressive intellectual and
financial firepower was then brought to bear on
the mysterious Utah ranch.

Within a few months, beginning in late
1996 and continuing through early 1997, NIDS
scientists were confronted with a litany of
terrifying incidents including the brutal killing of
a calf in broad day light, encounters with large
creatures that left few tracks and seemed to be
more ghostly than real, unusual hovering orbs of
light, bizarre phenomena that were visible with
night vision technology but invisible to normal
eyesight, and spikes in magnetic
field intensities that seemed to coincide with other strange
happenings on the property.

In the case of the dramatic killing of a calf on
March 10 1997, NIDS forensic pathology research
uncovered startling evidence that the calf had
been killed in broad daylight and that several
different sharp instruments had been used during
or after the killing. In addition, something had
completely removed all the blood from the calf,
without leaving even a drop of blood on or near
the animal. The complete removal of every drop
of blood from an animal in broad daylight with a
couple of eyewitnesses only a few hundred yards
away was truly a spectacular feat of derring-do
for anyone who has tried to field dress an animal
in the middle of the wilderness.
NIDS scientists witnessed the same
mysterious flying orbs that the Gormans had
described, as they moved silently around the
property in the dead of night. These incidents
were tracked faithfully using the latest scientific
technology as they hunted their elusive quarry
around the 480-acre property. It was like chasing
phantoms. No two incidents they encountered
ever seemed alike.

The kitchen sink was being thrown at the
scientists, and the challenge was to try to capture
the endless series of strange happenings either
on film, on video or on one of the scientfiic instruments that were deployed on the property.

Thus began an exhilarating exercise in tracking
something that was exhibiting all the hallmarks of
intelligence; an elusive trickster that appeared to
be a couple of steps ahead at all times. Something
that could leave an occasional calling card in the
form of a brutally ripped up calf carcass, unusual
tracks in the snow, tantalizing infrared images,
or that could wantonly destroy surveillance
equipment while leaving insuf
icient physical evidence behind that might constitute a smoking
gun. Although the trickster often brutally
killed animals, humans apparently were spared.
Regardless, NIDS scientists were never sure
what would come roaring out of the darkness at
them as they silently conducted night watches on
the remote Utah property.

NIDS researchers hunted their elusive quarry
month after month while also exploring a range
of alternative explanations including unknown
natural phenomena or even hoaxes might be
responsible. Were there hallucinogenic plants on
the property? The answer is no. Was the Utah
ranch a playground for testing exotic military toys
on unsuspecting people, including holographic
technology? Was it an experimental arena for
the testing of advanced assassination (by silently
killing cattle) techniques used by special forces?
Was the ranch a paranormal meeting place for
all kinds of cryptids? Was there a dimensional
“portal” located on the property? As the team
methodically eliminated some of the more
mundane possibilities, more and more exotic
hypotheses for the high strangeness seemed to
assert themselves.

As the ‘hunt for the Skinwalker’ unfolded, the
search ultimately led some of the scientists to
begin looking at reality in a whole new way. They
began to ask the question: is it possible that exotic
concepts in physics like multiple dimensions,
or traversable wormholes, or string theory, or
brane multiverses, might have some counterpart
in the real world here on Earth? Or was there
some aspect of human consciousness that could
somehow trigger these unusual happenings on a
regular basis? Were the pages of some arcane
physics journals ultimately describing some parts
of physical reality that appeared to explode and
happen to ordinary human beings here on Earth?
Hunt for the Skinwalker draws on the bizarre
experiences documented by scientists to ask
some very fundamental questions about the
nature of reality.

Our book came about after one of us, Emmy
award winning investigative journalist George
Knapp, was allowed on the Utah property
beginning in 2002 to report on some of the bizarre
activity that had successfully operated under the
radar since 1996. His two articles, entitled Path
of the Skinwalker, were published in a Las Vegas
newspaper in 2002 and quickly found a worldwide
audience as tens of thousands of paranormal
enthusiasts eagerly downloaded the narratives.
George’s articles broke the silence on the NIDS
research which had been conducted in near-total
secrecy for several years. The newspaper articles
were the inspiration for Hunt for the Skinwalker,
which describes the unprecedented scientific
investigation of anomalous activity, an effort
that evolved into a multi-year contest of wills
between technology and the “trickster”. The
book is also a wake up call for science about the
potential importance of studying anomalies and
about the possibility that human understanding
of the nature of reality seems poised on the cusp
of fundamental shift. These studies may be the
doors that open up new avenues of discovery
– and in doing so, all of what constitutes reality
may have to be re-examined.

For more information about the book, see
[link to www.huntfortheskinwalker.com.]
More detailed information about NIDS can
be found at [link to www.nidsci.org]

Colm Kelleher is a senior research scientist
with a twenty-year career in cell and molecular
biology. Following his PhD in biochemistry
from the University of Dublin, Trinity College
in 1983, Dr. Kelleher worked at Canada’s
flagship Ontario Cancer Institute, the Terry
Fox Laboratory at the British Columbia
Cancer Research Center in Vancouver and the
National Jewish Center for Immunology and
Respiratory Medicine in Denver. More recently,
Dr. Kelleher served as Research Director
for Bigelow Aerospace in Las Vegas and as
administrator for one of its subsidiaries, Space
Sciences, Inc. Dr. Kelleher also acted as team
leader and project manager for the National
Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS).
Currently, Dr. Kelleher is the Director of Labs
for a biotechnology
firm in San Francisco. He
has authored 38 peer-reviewed publications in
molecular biology, immunology, biochemistry
and virology as well as articles in popular
magazines such as OMNI.
George Knapp is an award winning
investigative journalist and television
anchorman. Since 1995, he has been chief
reporter for the I-Team investigative unit at
KLAS-TV Ch 8 in Las Vegas. He began his
career as a journalist at KLAS in 1981 as a
general assignment reporter after two years
as a cameraman and production assistant at
KLVX-TV. Mr. Knapp has worked as a speech
teacher at CalPoly, a debate coach at UC
Berkeley and broadcast journalism teacher at
UNLV. He was awarded two regional Edward
R Murrow awards and a national Murrow
award for his investigative stories on voter
registration fraud in the Clark County election
of 2004. Mr. Knapp won seven Emmy Awards
for his “Street Talk” commentaries and one
Emmy for an investigative story, seven Mark
Twain Awards for best news writing from AP.
In 1990, his series about UFOs was selected by
United Press International as best in the nation
for Individual Achievement by a Journalist.
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Re: Bigelow Aerospace - Skinwalker Ranch - Pulsating spherical ball of light UFO's witnessed over the Ranch
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Re: Bigelow Aerospace - Skinwalker Ranch - Pulsating spherical ball of light UFO's witnessed over the Ranch