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Message Subject Why do people believe in the Illuminati and NWO when there is no evidence?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I used to think EXACTLY like you OP - not any more!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1025014

Me too, then I studied a little more. Who was John Dee and who was he communing with?

Who was Francis Bacon and who was he communing with? Why is it that we easily accept "scientific" doctrines like The Doctrine of Uniformity or the model of the Big Bang (classical Newtonianism) or even the doctrine of evolution?

Why is it that to achieve a Phd you have research on an approved topic? The money is simply not there for a topic that is outside of "accepted" thought. What is research for if not into areas that question the status quo?

How can there be enlightened discussion and new discoveries if the topics of discussion are pre-approved by grants? Why was Tesla shut down?

Why are the approved methods of power consolidated into fossil fuels which can be easily manipulated and controlled for the purposes of speculation in the stock markets, which are in turn easily controlled by credit, unsecured credit at that.

Why is questioned the so called "reality" limited to "conspiracy theory" forums such as this?
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