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Message Subject Why do people believe in the Illuminati and NWO when there is no evidence?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The proof is more apparent than ever.

But, there's nothing I can do or say that will convince you.

It's something you have to find for yourself, and connect the dots by looking at the past 234 years of history.

Something I have and I came to the conclusion it's all PROPAGANDA. You people don't think logically, think about it, really hard - it's IMPOSSIBLE. Yes, there are secrets out there that only certain government bodies know about but this NWO/Illuminati bullshit controlling the world is all non-sense.

I used to listen to Alex Jones, come on GLP all the time, watch documentaries here and there, it's all BULLSHIT! They do state some facts, lots of facts, but the agenda about controlling the population is retarded. Just because we have a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT doesn't mean our freedoms will be taken away, it just means we'll be united as a species, as one, just like we're supposed to be.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 847425

I read your opening post, and thought to myself, "I'll bet this guy is going to then come out and say that whats the matter with a world government"

And there is it.

Take a look around you, at the corruption and greed and ask yourself if you want these yoyo's running a world government?

The day a world government forms, will be the downfall of human civilization. Any dissent against our greater leader/s will get you branded a terrorist, because thats what is happening now on a smaller scale with many governments.

People and the governments would have to have a change of heart along with morals and values before I would ever go along with any one world government scheme

I don't think we'll all be sitting around singing happy songs and everyone gets along. Any
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