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Message Subject Why do people believe in the Illuminati and NWO when there is no evidence?
Poster Handle GONG
Post Content
Simple facts, you want proofs? there are planety of , recorded also, most western "leaders" or such... have openly worded it in one interview or another, Presidents Prime Ministers and so on.

The agenda no, that was not known at first to ayone outside , but now it is evident to everyone what is, just look at every attacks on peoples conquered freedoms and you'll see them working on their NWO, plus look at the condition of the world compared to what it was just 20-30 years ago and see the damages they have already done, most of these are very deep scars in the society.

imho 9/11 was the real start of it (even tough it was all planned for many years) everything has gone downhill for almost anyone from that day on, beside the "elite", the sad thing beside all their failures and evident losses they are today still at it.

Demented should never be allowed to have any position of any importance.
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