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Subject THE OBAMA ENIGMA- secretly hidden in the movie The Magnificent Seven
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Olny those familiar with the obama stroy will see the hidden meanings of the Mysterious stroy of barack obamas rise to power from obscurity, secretly interwoven into the subtext plain text over text of the movie classic, The Magnificent Seven.

In much the same way as the symbolic meanings hidden within stanley Kubricks shining, coding the secrets of the apollo space mission to the moon, the magnificent seven holds many clues to the enigma that is B.H.OBAMA, the political struggle between the communist west and the capitalist free bird of the globe.
Form soviet double agent on the run-lee harvey oswald to hillary clinton and barry the knife himself, born of britsh stock, and adopted by sotor of th communist peasants all this and more is is hidden, sometimes subtley sometimes overly within the plot sript ideology and characters of the great cinima classic western legend that is THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN.
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