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A poem here (excerpt from a larger piece you'll never read)

User ID: 975848
United States
07/05/2010 03:53 AM
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A poem here (excerpt from a larger piece you'll never read)
First and foremost, I'm drunk and fuck you.

To carry on I can't believe I see a face in you...

Smiling and trying,
fighting and dying,
She sees fireworks and I see destruction rising.

She says it isn't but a thought,

Like I thought before I spewed a clot that clogged the parts that lead to the heart

I've Held pain like a battery holds a charge...

Baby kiss me.. This is the best you will ever get.

Dance in heaven and all is forgiven,
Dance in hell and all is smitten with greed and ambition,
to do the worst things, in the worst of ways,
I still ween myself of your disease.