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Super Shill "Destin Mike" says NO OIL, crews picking up cigarette butts!

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07/06/2010 12:04 PM
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Super Shill "Destin Mike" says NO OIL, crews picking up cigarette butts!
All the reports we have this morning from the beach say that the waterline (where the water washes in at itís highest point) is clear. If there are no tarballs or anything else related to the oil spill to clean up, then what are these people doing?

The reports from the beach that I get say that they are picking up trash, cigar and cigarette butts, leftovers from the 4th of July fireworks, wrappers, beer cans, etc.

[link to funews.org]
The best advice we can give on this matter is to read with your heart as well as your mind. Follow the flow, let the nuances lie unanswered and unchallenged in your mind. Treat this as a garden you are walking through for the first time, and experience it fully without trying to categorize it! Much of what you will learn will be processed in your subconscious, and influence your conscious mind later. If you must dissect each phrase, and correlate it with each piece of information taken from another source, you will trash much of what you could otherwise gain. Live in the gray, not always insisting on black and white and strict compartmentalizations.

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