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Message Subject Turds with holes
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You need to do these things:

Put tape on the bung hole - this will catch the worms. it should be like the clear kind, like "Scotch" tape. Do not use duct tape. You will probably have to put several strips of tape on there.

Next, when you go out to eat - be sure to order some burnt toast and a rotten egg. When they ask you why - say - I got worms and that's good enough for them! (you can research more about this by studying Three Stooges videos.)

And always remember, for the future, to not *purposefully* put any worms INTO your anus. Remember not to do this. And don't believe anyone who tells you it IS a good idea.

Similarly, if you are the sort going for 'mud baths' - or anything mud related like driving an El Camino around in swamps and such - make sure you go to respectable places. If some one is running such an establishment in a land fill or out back at the septic tank emptying facility - yeah - you should pretty much avoid such places.
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