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Message Subject Recap of the "Illuminati made an offer" thread up to page 78
Poster Handle Flaming Sword
Post Content
Wow this thread is like a commentary on the commentaries of a commentary provided by a virtual nobody about a fictional nobody. If only someone clever at Goldman Sachs could securitize all these derivatives they could make a fortune!

Oh and by the way I did follow that thread for a while until all the shirtless guys showed up, that creeped me out.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 961432

Salient Update

Ok, his “not into occult”, but perhaps he possesses abilities that easily handle ALL the occult hocus pocus the Illuminati’s are fooling around with.

And maybe his is deadly tired on all suppression and maybe his also aware that the illuminati’s not only suppresses other, but by doing so, they as well suppress themselves.

Who knows, maybe that’s his main mission?

To show them that they in fact are suppressing themselves by suppressing others…

Maybe that’s why he came here.

And that’s maybe why he has lived the kind of life he has. To learn to understand how they think and act on ALL levels.

Now he might just waits for the final… “Go ahead” - in a more physical manner - even though he probably is working daily to accomplish his mission - in “his special ways”.
They might hate and/or fear him, but he doesn’t hate or fear them.

He probably knows there are many levels of creation – but he most likely understands there’s only one basic (THRUE) Source from where we all basically derive.

I think he is doing a balance act.

He doesn’t want to take away the power of choice (or self determinism) that ALL creations automatically gets the very same moment they are being created – and at the same time he knows that the game has taken a route that no one really wants to have.

It kind of "just has become” the way it is, and he might feel confident there is a solution to all this – and is absolutely steadfast that this solution WILL (sooner or later) be widely used – to the advantage for EVERYONE.

Illuminati’s on their side still believe they are the chosen ones – at the same time they refuse to honestly look at what their creations actually has accomplished. It never “hits them” that TRUE Source would NEVER create what they have done.

But I think that Mr Nobody is absolute confident they one day WILL begin to confront what they have done. And he believes that day is VERY close!

From that point there will be “salvation” for everyone and the game will turn to a REALLY exciting game. And this time it will be exciting for EVERYONE.

This WILL happen and there’s NOTHING they possible could do to stop it.

They still think they can – but that's just an illusion.

Well… who knows? We’ll soon see…

the all seeing eye, rendered quite blind, by wisdom and light mixed anew
the old desert school was set up for fools, who now have no clue what to do
the true desert of life, is seperation from all, like jesus on crosses now old
the true refined fire walks a solitary path in wilderness upon bricks of gold.

to step out of time to become part of all is the essence of death caught within
to lay down the life without hint of strife, and to claim a whole world full of sin

to be faster than light with unconquerable might is the simplest and easiest task
to lay down your treasures and turn sight within is to unite the future with past

weapons he needs not, nor strategy skilled, to conquer the worlds all in arms
he need merely shrug and look up above and angels shall issue alarms

to return to his past and meet with his foes is to thank the creator of life
for they built his prison and taught him his songs, so lovingly he beats his ill wife

to fight one's own mother is to smite cheeks of God and spit in the eye of your fate
reach deep within, find hidden sin, before you are trapped outside bright heaven's gate

Taketh quill, o scribe
taketh charcoal

teaketh clay

maketh merry

for when the fools and minstrels gather

its is a call
of heraldry

maketh open wide

the gates

foreth the fateh lady needeth girth ampleth


trussed and
may I say

In vocla fettle fine

taketh mead and relax

enjoyu the showeth...



"Beateth awayeth that man with the pictures...take sticketh to he...these dark images do cause my gout to inflame and my disposition to wane darkly...


Whereth dosth I gain refuge from his picturesscream


Aaaaaiiiiiiiii make the pretty pictures in my head stop


"Beateth awayeth that man with the pictures...take sticketh to he...these dark images do cause my gout to inflame and my disposition to wane darkly...

Thru Wane’s world darkly
John Wayne without the chaps n chops
but none meaner in the disposition dept.

ROFL I hear also means Roll On Flaming Longpicture

Only one way to make the incessant voiceheadpictures stop

away dumbo
to the hills we ride
until another day when we return refreshed and watered
to fight those pixilated tools of torture
armed only with quill and ye olde invisible ink
I Will protect the worlde
from such cruelly blatant imagery and cymbolism
aimed at nobody in particular

away I say, away

Lo I waketh now, but yea it wereth of as a house
spinning wildly and beit ofeth strange and yet still

wildly runneth it through time

so s trange


I shall taketh a swoon and retire


 Quoting: Flaming Sword
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